Itsfit Lab Fusion Review

Itsfit Lab Fusion

After its First Look last Sunday, I now share my full review of the Itsfit Lab Fusion, a tribrid Custom IEM that costs $950.




Disclaimer: The Itsfit Lab Fusion Custom IEM was provided to me from the brand directly. I would like to thank the people in Itsfit Lab, for their support and their problem-solving mentality about the problems we’ve faced with customs procedures. You can order the Itsfit Lab Fusion in universal form as well.

About Itsfit Lab

Itsfit Lab is a newly emerging company from Vietnam. It was originally a small lab specialized in sound & audio components research. They’ve been doing IEM reshells for a few years, but eventually they’ve come up with their first IEM model, the R3. It reached reasonable popularity among audiophiles with its reference tuning.

We have one philosophy: everyone deserves a better sound experience.

5 people are working in Itsfit Lab and they’re all very helpful and kind. They’re very active on social media as well. Their Facebook page and Instagram page have lots of posts, in which you can see their gorgeous shell designs.

Itsfit Lab also continues to offer the reshell service, which is a rare feat nowadays because most of the companies have stopped offering it. The reshell costs 150$ (excluding a possible re-socket service and new cables). You can reshell almost anything including universal monitors, but they mostly prefer the full BA IEMs.

The Fusion

After the R3 model, they decided to make their hybrid design lately and launched the Fusion. This one has a new driver technology for high frequencies and that technology is “magnetostatic”. You should watch out for this because it can make a big difference in the market together with EST drivers. The configuration of the Fusion is a combination of 1 Dynamic Driver, 2 BA Drivers, and 1 Magnetostatic Driver.

Itsfit Lab Fusion

This is not the first-ever implementation of this driver technology, but Itsfit Lab claims that this is the first one in a hybrid configuration.

Ordering Process

For ordering the Universal model, you simply go to the product page and add it to your cart. Then proceed to checkout and place your order.

For the custom model, Itsfit has a nice customization page where you select your preferences regarding color, faceplate, logo, or any other additional customizations. If you have more requests apart from that page, you can always contact them.

After selecting your design and placing your order, you need to send out your ear impressions to Hanoi, Vietnam. Itsfit also accepts 3D impressions, which was nice for me as I didn’t bother seeing an audiologist.

It would take 3-4 weeks until your order is finished for the custom version.

Itsfit Lab Fusion

Itsfit Lab Fusion


Itsfit Lab provides 18 options for shells and 19 for faceplates. Other than those options, you can go for a “Heritage Design”. There are 3 different options there and they cost around 450 – 480$ in addition to the base price of the Fusion. I must say they look incredibly cool, but it’s up to you of course.

In the customization tool, you can upload a personal image of yours (for 20$) and see how it looks. You can add a personal text as well, which costs 10$ more.

My sample has a Heritage Design with a white base color and black crackling-like details on it. It looks very nice to me and I think it is a complementary color scheme with the black stock cable.

However, I think the website and the customization tool needs a bit more work in particular. It doesn’t fully reflect what Itsfit Lab is capable of in my opinion. The base designs are represented in the tool quite nicely, but their other exceptional designs are not present in the tool. So I think it would be nice to improve the designer page.

You can check out more of their designs here.


The Itsfit Lab Fusion arrives in a rectangular black box. When you open it up you’re welcomed with the monitors which are nicely placed inside. You’re also greeted with a “thanks for purchasing” message.

Itsfit Lab Fusion

There is a round aluminum carrying case and a cleaning tool. You also get a cleaning cloth, which I sometimes don’t understand why some certain companies don’t include it in their CIEM packages. There’s a small carrying pouch too if the case is large for you.Other than those you have a warranty card and a manual inside.

Lastly, there’s another card that implies your monitors are personally checked by a team member with a signature. Overall it’s a nice package and presentation. Nothing is missing for me. The carrying case is a bit small for upgrade cables though, but that’s just nitpicking on my part. It’s perfectly fine with the stock cable.

The review continues on PAGE 2 with build, fit and price

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  • Reply May 21, 2020


    Great review!! I got a custom Fusion a few months ago and they have become my favorites. I pick them up over my Zeus, Noble K10’s, and Katrina’s. The Fusions sound great with my Lootoo Touch Gold.

  • Reply May 22, 2020


    Wow!! it does’t look like an earphone. If someone sees it first time they will think it as an ornament.

  • Reply June 19, 2020

    José Jesús Pérez Rodríguez

    This comparated with Hyla Te5B?? For Pop, Hip-Hop, Blues, and electronic ??

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