First Look Sunday: Itsfit Lab Fusion

Itsfit Lab Fusion

Today I share my initial thoughts about the new Itsfit Lab Fusion, a tribrid Custom IEM that costs $950 USD.




Disclaimer: The Itsfit Lab Fusion Custom IEM was provided to me from the brand directly. Initial impressions were taken from the Chord Hugo 2. I would like to thank the people in Itsfit Lab, for their support and their problem-solving mentality about the problems we’ve faced with customs procedures. You can order the Itsfit Lab Fusion in universal form as well.

First Tribrid with a Magnetostatic Driver

Itsfit Lab is a newly emerging company from Vietnam. It was originally a small lab specialized in sound & audio components research. They’ve been doing IEM reshells for some time, but eventually they’ve come up with their first IEM model, the R3. The R3 reached reasonable popularity among audiophiles with its reference tuning.

After the R3, they decided to make their hybrid design and launched the Fusion model. This one has a new driver technology for high frequencies and that technology is “magnetostatic”. You should watch out for this because it can make a big difference in the market together with EST drivers. The configuration of the Fusion is a combination of 1 Dynamic Driver, 2 BA Drivers, and 1 Magnetostatic Driver.

Itsfit Lab Fusion

Impressions on Design-Build-Fit

One thing I like about Itsfit Lab is their gorgeous designs in their both Universal and Custom Monitors. For seeing them you can check their Facebook page and also the Flickr Page. My sample has a white base color with black crackling-like details on it. It looks very nice to me and I think it is a complementary color scheme with the black stock cable.

The build quality is excellent since these are 3D printed shells. As you probably know, more and more companies are adopting this new production method. What I’ve seen so far from different manufacturers is excellent and Itsfit Lab Fusion is no exception. There’s no part that you can identify as a faceplate since it’s incredibly unibody. I don’t know how they placed all of the internals this way. The shells are also very lightweight, and they disappear in your ears.

Speaking of it, the fit is also excellent. Itsfit used my 3D impression files and thanks to that the fit is spot on. Also, the shells are very slim and compact. Despite the hybrid design, the Fusion looks like a typical Balanced Armature CIEM with its form factor. You can have a night of sleep with them because they don’t protrude from your ears. An incredible achievement to me because this is the first time I’ve ever experienced a CIEM this small with a dynamic bass driver inside.

Itsfit Lab Fusion


Right off the bat, the Itsfit Lab Fusion is one of the best IEMs I’ve ever heard. The way it reproduces the sound in an honest and balanced way is wonderful to hear. This is a very honest monitor. It does nothing to wow you actually (maybe apart from the bass control), but it does almost everything in the right way. I’m also very surprised to hear this kind of cohesiveness from a tri-hybrid monitor. It’s incredible.

When you first listen to it, it sounds very “normal”. That’s why I remark that it does not wow you. It reveals itself after a while. That’s why I understand if it doesn’t impress people from the get-go. This is a monitor that needs time to show you what it is made of. The Fusion weighs on a flat character than being warm or being too bright. But if I have to pick one side, I can say it’s more on the bright side with its treble presentation. But nothing is out of control. It is an exceptionally coherent monitor.

The dynamic driver gives you the kick and rumble if the recording has them, but it’s not like some other hybrid monitors that have incredible punch and rumble. The Fusion keeps the low frequencies in a tremendous control. This is one of the best implementations of the dynamic drivers I’ve experienced, if not the best.

Itsfit Lab Fusion

Mid area is the place that the Fusion shows its musicality and great tonality. In mids, you can realize that this is not a boringly flat monitor. The transparency in this area is also exceptional.

Treble is outstanding with the ItsFit Lab Fusion. That magnetostatic driver shows it wonders there, especially with treble-rich songs. Highs are apparent, very resolving, and sometimes bright in a good way. Despite its strong treble reproduction, this area is mostly very sleek and smooth.

The full review will be online very, very soon. So see you again in a few days!

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    The shell looks really nice indeed. I agree with the black cable too. All cables should be black 🙂

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    Amazing, thanks for writing about it.

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