FiiO FA19 Review

Today we review the FiiO FA19, the all new flagship IEM of the brand, boasting no less than 10 drivers per ear, and selling for $999 USD


Disclaimer: the FiiO FA19 was sent to us free of charge by the brand, in exchange for our honest opinion.

About FiiO

Established in 2007, FiiO has become a powerhouse in the audiophile realm, thanks to their impressive line-up of affordable but, high-quality products. From IEMs, headphone amps, DACs, to DAPs, FiiO has consistently delivered top-notch devices, setting benchmarks for other brands to follow like the FiiO M17, the mighty FiiO Q7 or the everlasting E10K, which has remained on the market for over a decade.

An unceasing saga of success, propelled not only by a steady flow of smart, budget-friendly products, but also by the introduction of high-end devices. Their latest series of DAC/Amps and headphones being a prime example, the FiiO K19 aiming at a seasoned audiophiles, more than new-comers. An expansive range that includes the mighty Q15 – a smaller Q7 -, the formidable M15S competing directly with the like of Astell&Kern, or the surprising FT5 – a planar headphones, putting the brand right in front of Hifiman.

And, if that line-up already seemed complete to me, the brand still decided to go a step further, with something that was missing for quite sometime now: a TOTL IEM! And not just any kind of TOTL, a fully-balanced one, when FiiO has been delivering countless dynamic earphones for the past couples of years.

But, with no less than 10 drivers embedded per ears, all fully customized by Knowles for the sake of this project, and a price-tag in around $1k USD – a first for the brand – the FiiO FA19 appears to be a new landmark for the Chinese brand.

The true jewel of the crown? Let’s dig in!

The FiiO Series

If we pull apart the Jade-Series, comprising of the JD1, JD3, JH3, and JD7 (terrific one for the price) FiiO’s in-ears range splits into three different categories:

  • FAx, for balanced IEMs, like the FA7S I reviewed last time,
  • FHx, for hybrid IEMs, like the FH7 Berkhan received
  • FDx, for dynamic IEMs, like the FD7 or FDX
  • and finally FFx, for the earbuds like the FF1 we reviewed a few times ago

FiiO FD7

Launched after the FD3 and FD5, the FiiO FD7 tops the dynamic driver range of the Chinese brand, packing the brand signature beryllium diaphragm 12mm wide driver. With an exclusive color scheme, stainless steel body and the same acoustic conception than its little siblings, it’s still one of my favorite go-to IEM up to this day.

I reviewed one a few times ago, so here’s an extract of that time:

“Once again, FiiO achieves great lengths and delivers exactly what they promised: a flagship dynamic driver IEM, a tad more expensive than usual. The new volcanic system works as intended, giving you a nice, relaxed, sound signature that should suit any genre and any source.

It’s a good upgrade from the FD5, like Apple did with the iPhone 13, compared to the 12: everything has been enhanced, and we’re even closer to perfection. The new shell looks stunning even more compared to the glossy FD5.  It’s a robust design that didn’t neglect style and, once again, those IEMs look as good as they sound.”

FiiO FX15

First of its kind for the brand, the FiiO FX15 took the usual 10mm DLC dynamic driver found in the latest IEM from the brand, and paired it with 4 Electrostatic Tribrid tweeters from Sonion. An oddball in many ways, advertised as a premium IEM, that won many awards – including ours – and somehow took us by surprise, thanks to their audio prowess.

Berkhan did review them a few times ago, so here’s a quick excerpt:

“The FiiO FX15 might be the best FiiO IEM I’ve tested to this day. I also liked the FH7 and FH9 models, but this one is a step above in my opinion. The technical performance is on a level that we only see from flagship IEMs in the market. It can be improved for better sub-bass/mid-bass balance or the treble can be even more refined, so it’s not the end of the road of course, but the way it sounds is very, very good for the price.”

FiiO FA19

There’s not much to say here, as this is the IEM will be reviewing today. But, in short:

  • 10 drivers from Knowles
  • whole new Rubycon capacitor
  • S-Turbo and Hi-Fi/monitor switch
  • $999 (!)

So, let’s get started with the FiiO FA19!

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