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On this page, you’ll find our recommendations for all the accessories you need at this moment. This is an ever-evolving list.

Linum BaX


Starts at $117

The Linum cables are the most comfortable cables on the planet when it comes to IEM Cables. Once you’re used to the lightweight and excellent sound on the go, it’ll be tough going back to another cable.

Effect Audio Maestro & Virtuoso

The new Vogue series definitely has a unique proposition. Both cables I tested bring qualities that make them absolutely easy choices. The Maestro’s harmonic, emotional, and sweet vocals are the things I can adore. Virtuoso’s air and nimble-feet agility just make it a pleasure to listen to with the right monitors.

Maestro and Virtuoso should be on the short-list for anyone who wants to start experimenting with cables. They are very fine entry-level offers and might just be the one to get you hooked on cable sound.



Roon Labs LLC – Roon (Software)


Starts at $119

Only on very rare occasions, we write about playback software, but Roon was something that we couldn’t leave untouched. It is the most fluid, informative, and impressive software out there. It makes setting up new devices a piece of cake and offers an incredible selection of features, like Parametric EQ, Speaker Correction, or Crossfeed, just to name a few. It combines your locally stored content with your TIDAL account and your DropBox, creating the biggest selection of audio ever. It comes with a 14-day trial and once you have used it you will know that you have been missing it the entire time.

SieveKing Omega (Headphone Stand)

If you’re into full-sized headphones you can’t take yourself seriously without owning the Sieveking Omega headphone stand. It’s one of the best and prettiest stands out there.

Starts at $132

Effect Audio Grandioso

Effect Audio Grandioso [Added 13/04/2020]

I really like the Grandioso simply because it’s not a cable that changes one particular area in terms of quantity or presentation. It stays true to the sound but improves technical aspects like resolution, transparency, dynamism, and texture. You get closer to the true recording, and you also see your monitor’s capabilities.

And since the price is not on the level of flagship cables which come from space, you can actually argue that this is one of the best cables you can get on the market. It’s a great option if you want a better technical performance from your IEMs. Not to mention the improved flexibility and ergonomics over the previous generation, as well as the improved price.

Available for $199


Linum SuperBaX

Linum SuperBaX

Linum has always been a brand that interested me. Lieven has been praising their cables a lot, and now I can fully see why. Not only are they perfect for any monitor under the sun, but they’re also unbeatable for their comfort. I am not a person that wears glasses, except for shades during Summer, but I definitely think that the SuperBaX would also be an excellent choice for everyone who needs them.

Available for 199€ from Linum


plusSound X


Starts at $349.99

The X-series IEM cable offers outstanding flexibility, comfort, and build quality. The cable itself is made of ultra-pure OCC Type 6 Litz and features multiple proprietary damping cores for vibration reduction, consistent conductivity, and a better overall feel and ergonomics. On top, you get a great-sounding cable with striking transparency, meatier lows, and softer highs. Rather than coloring the sound too much, X concentrates on creating a smoother overall tune but leaves other critical aspects of the spectrum untouched.

plusSound Exo


Starts at $449.99

The T-Metal Exo iem cable is made in an unconventional material mix of three different conductor materials: silver, gold-plated silver, and gold-plated copper. All of which have their key-sound-signatures. The build quality is excellent. It again is a very flexible and un-microphonic cable. What I was really surprised with though is the Y-split. When I first saw it I feared it will be too heavy to use the cable comfortably. Nothing could be more wrong. Though it is big in size it is also lightweight, even with the additional metal chin-slider. Sound-wise the T-Metal is a natural cable, with excellent top and bottom end extension. The level of layering and details of it are outstanding, especially for its price-point.

Double Helix Cables Clone Fusion

Double Helix Cables Clone Fusion

Starts at $549


I was curious about what DHC had to offer for a while, and now that I finally got the chance to try out one of their products at an extended period, I must say I am very impressed. Not only is the Clone Fusion a true one-of-a-kind product, but that also convinces with outstanding sound, wonderful build quality, and great flexibility. It cures the weaknesses of two of my favorite custom monitors and matches well with a good number of other monitors too. There are only two points for improvement as I see it. The supplied packaging could at least contain a box and the channel indication should be revised. Other than that the Clone Fusion ticks all the boxes and becomes a member of our Recommended Accessories List. Well done DHC!

Effect Audio EVO 10 [Added on 28/03/2021]

I really like the EVO 10 simply because it’s a very luxurious cable combined with a very impressive sound performance. It improves technical aspects like resolution, transparency, dynamism, and texture. But it also else more fun with better energy, better focus, and refinement with excellent definition. You get closer to the true recording, and you also see your monitor’s capabilities with a good source device.

The price is not off the charts either, so this might be a very sensible purchase for the audiophiles that want to get more from their systems. I certainly recommend the EVO 10 with its excellent design elements and very good gains that it provides in the sound department.


Starts at $588

Brise Audio STR7-Ref (Added 12/12/2019)


Starts at $875

The STR7 does not change the overall presentation apart from that slight supplement of bass. Yet you gain technicalities beyond the price like dynamism, texture, timbre, cohesiveness, and separation. The cable is built to last and I think I will use it for many years to come. The Japanese craftsmanship is really something else and the attention to detail in this cable’s structure is simply excellent. Of course, the price is quite high for a cable. But we actually have options in the market with even higher price tags today. Of course, I haven’t listened to them all, but I’ve tried many. And based on my experience,  this is one of the best cables you can get. It has a fantastic build quality, a very thoughtful design with high-quality materials, and most importantly a great sound.

Effect Audio Leonidas II 8-wire

Effect Audio Leonidas II


Starts at $888

The original Leonidas was regarded as a highly resolving and smooth natural cable with tight bass and great extension. It was a loved cable all around. Its successor had to completely nail everything. And it did.

The Leo II has taken everything the original was good at and has improved that even further. The resolution, imaging, sound stage, and perfection of the sound are truly outstanding and nothing really compares to it. Leonidas II has a complete balance in its sound, where nothing gets favored over others. That makes it a treat to pair it with any monitor around.

plusSound X16


Starts at $799

The X16 is their TOTL headphone cable and I can only confirm this after months of extensive testing. It makes every headphone sound as good as it gets: detail, clarity, precision, sound stage and layering simply are really good. It’s beautiful but it’s not the most comfortable cable.

Brise Audio ASUHA Ref.2+ [Added on 20/12/2020]

Brise Audio impresses me every time I test one of their cables. The build quality and attention to detail are astonishingly good. Looks-wise it’s a personal opinion of course. I think Brise Audio is among the best in terms of aesthetics but bear in mind that I like more serious-looking gear.

It’s hard to realize that this is an 8-core cable. It’s very ergonomic for a cable of this kind so it’s surely a huge success. The Japanese craftsmanship is really something else and the attention to detail in this cable’s structure is simply excellent. I don’t actually know if a cable like this exists with an 8-wire configuration.

If you want a warmer presentation from your flat or reference type of IEM, then the ASUHA Ref.2 is the top-end version of the ASUHA line-up.


Starts at $1000

Brise Audio YATONO Rh2+ [Added 30/11/2020]

I absolutely loved the STR7 Ref., and I still do. Yet, the Yatono Rh2+ impressed me further, because I did not expect this kind of dynamic range, resolution, and definition. You also gain great technicalities like texture, timbre, energy, and separation. The cable is also built to last with fantastic attention to detail. The Japanese craftsmanship is really something else and the attention to detail in this cable’s structure is simply excellent.

Of course, the price is quite high for a cable. But we actually have options in the market with even higher price tags today. Of course, I haven’t listened to them all, but I’ve tried many. And based on my experience,  this is one of the best cables you can get. It has a fantastic build quality, a very thoughtful design with high-quality materials, and most importantly a great sound. I certainly recommend the Brise Audio Yatono Rh2+


Starts at $1200

Effect Audio Horus

Effect Audio Horus


Starts at $1499

It is one of the finest cables I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. It matches up perfectly with all IEMs, and the detail, clarity, and precision that come with the cable are incredible. It’s very expensive but it is the best cable in my inventory.

Double Helix Cables Prion4

Double Helix Cables Prion4

Review (soon):

Starts at $1,799

I loved the Empyrean in its stock configuration, but with the Prion4 it really stepped up to a higher level. The Prion4 adds a sense of space, a deep black background, and a certain smoothness in the treble which makes the Empyrean an even bigger delight to listen to.

DHC has made a lasting impression on me with their Clone Fusion last year, and when I got asked to review another cable of theirs with the PEERLESS plug it was a no-brainer for me. After trying out two of their cables, I am confident to say, that they produce some of the very finest cables in the industry.

The Prion4 comes at a hefty price, that’s for sure, but it represents one of the biggest improvements I heard in any cable so far. It is definitely one of the best cables out there and it deserves its spot on our Best Accessories list.

Eletech Iliad [Added 14/02/2020]


Starts at 1,799$

To me, the Iliad has a few stand-out qualities. Its staging, micro-detailing, control, and rendering are superb. The texture it reveals is just beautiful. But at the same time, it sharpens treble and can cause discomfort with IEMs that already have harder edges in their highs. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t play well with one of my top CIEMs – the JH Audio Layla.

Pair the Iliad with something like the A18t and you’ll be set for life though. It’s my absolute favorite pairing for it and will probably stay as its main cable for a long time.

Effect Audio Code 51

Effect Audio Code 51

Effect Audio Code 51


Starts at $2388

Effect Audio’s new Code 51 cable wows. It really is high-end on the go. I’m not the biggest fan of eight-wire cables due to comfort issues, usually, their performance is quite excellent though. With Code 51 EA has created a four-wire cable that easily performs head-to-head with other cables that use double the wire count.

Code 51 offers a micro detail view of music, that misses nothing. It gives you everything and then some. It brings EA’s typical house smoothness and packs it with an unmatched resolution, layering, and a massive stage. It pulls you into the music and gives you a different look at it. I love the precision, accuracy, and simplicity with which it does it.

With Code 51 Effect Audio has delivered a statement piece. It definitely is one of the very best cables out there, but it comes at a hefty price. For 2,388 USD I could pay rent for two whole months and still have something left to throw around. Code 51 is for people without sorrows and those that have very large pockets. If it is worth the price is completely up to you. The performance speaks for itself though, and that’s exactly how it made its way on our Best Accessory list. Because it is one of them.

Eletech Aeneid [Added 01/10/2021]

Eletech has created a very special piece of cable with a very special approach to sound. You get excellent technical performance with a smooth and soft nature. The Aeneid is unique, and if you have the luxury to spend this money on a cable, you should definitely check this one out before striving for other flagship models.

Do note that I only recommend this one to the owners of high-end gear who have the budget for a summit-fi cable. Hats off to the Eletech team and Eric Chong for this piece of gear.


2399$ from Eletech

Effect Audio Centurion

Effect Audio Centurion [Added 15/08/2021]

Effect Audio has reached perfection in quality and craftsmanship, perfection in product presentation and accessories, and perfection in sound quality. Unfortunately, this level of performance is incredibly expensive and paying a hefty price of $4k for a cable is not something everyone can or wants to do.

In the end, if you have the budget, you can get the Centurion and never ever lookout for an upgrade cable. Case closed, as it performs incredibly with every IEM. It takes them to the highest level, improves every aspect of sound, and the overall performance is simply astonishing.


3999$ from Effect Audio


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