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The list is sorted based on price, starting from the lowest to the most expensive. This is an ever evolving list. There are so many good sounding TWS IEMs out there that we can’t list them all, but here are our favorites for now.


BGVP Q(uantum) 2 – Added 23/01/2020

The BGVP Q2 is the first TWS to get full coverage on our website, for a reason: it sounds amazing. For the $75 to $109 price it’s incredible. It’s not especially good-looking and won’t give you the same “hype” you’d get from the Apple Airpods Pro, but sonically speaking, they are leaps beyond them. The acrylic shells are supremely comfortable, battery life is good, the signal is stable and you can even plug them with a classic cable to your DAP. For less than 200 bucks(?) they go directly to my recommendation list, as an upgrade of the Jays M-Seven. If the latter offer a longer battery life, and stronger bass, sound-wise, the BGVP Q2 outperform the Jays on every aspect.

$75 – $109 from BGVP



Jays M-Seven – Added 23/01/2020

Sound-wise, it’s a big surprise. In a good way. I compared them to various true-wireless IEM and the M-Seven really holds it ground. Sure, there is a bit too much bass, but that’s not overwhelming either, or at least for me. The sound stage is fairly wide, dynamic is lower than multi-driver IEM, similarly priced, but hey: this is a true wireless IEM. On the go, I found the sound pretty addictive. The boosted bass is pretty pleasant, especially if you’re in a crowded/noisy environment, as it seems to “elevate” the overall presentation. Honestly, if Jays didn’t mention the size of the driver, I’d never thought the M-Seven uses a tiny 6mm dynamic… There is no transparency mode, nor special tuning presets, but that was not an issue for me.

$129 from Jays Headphones



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