Devialet Gemini Review

Devialet Gemini

In this article we’re looking at the Devialet Gemini: the first TWS of the famous French brand sold for just $179 USD.


Disclaimer: The Devialet Gemini were bought by myself to do this review. Devialet is not linked to Headfonia in any way.

About Devialet

Unless you were stuck in a cave for the last ten years, you must be have heard or read the name of Devialet at least once. A French company getting out of nowhere, releasing a sleek high-end amplifier advertised as an ultra-high-end killer, only to release an alien-looking speakers a few years later : the Devialet Phantom.

A bombastic speaker – namely « implosive sounding – which became an instant hit all around the world, reproducing what Monster did a while ago with the Beats by Dre – now Beats by Apple though : an innovative product, advertised almost everywhere as the future of sound, with a price high enough to intrigue both low and high end users, for opposite reasons though.


So much that nowadays, whether if you like or despise Devialet has become irrelevant: you know the name! And, to be completely honest, even if I was not convinced at first, I do own a pair of Phantom II in my living-room now – and most of the time, they are pretty convincing.

But, like Apple or Sonos, and unlike FiiO or SMSL, Devialet isn’t the kind of brand with an extensive catalog. In fact, since the Phantom, the company only released two products: the Dione, a high-end home-theater soundbar integrating the same technologies found in the Phantom; and the Devialet Gemini, a TWS designed to compete with the AirPods Pro 2, Sennheiser Momentum Wireless and every other premium TWS.

The Gemini TWS IEM was released almost two years back now, but I’ve never reviewed it before (all hail the mighty AirPods Pro 2) but, thanks to a recent price undercut – the Gemini is now only €179, a far cry from the original €349 price tag – I decided to buy one for the sake of this review.

Is it better than my AirPods Pro 2? Do I get the same signature as my Phantom II on the go? Let’s find out!

Design & Build Quality


Visually, the Devialet Gemini presents a departure from the more ubiquitous designs seen in the market. Their black polycarbonate shells give them a more universal appeal, devoid of the “Tail” that’s prominent in the AirPods Pro 2. This design choice brings the Gemini closer in aesthetic to the Sennheiser Momentum TWS than the Apple AirPods Pro 2, something that I personally prefer, despite my love for Apple’s TWS.

Apart from that, the Devialet Gemini boasts a refined and more conservative look, a contrast to the glossy white finish popularized by the first EarPods. A microphone is subtly positioned on the outer part of the ear, under a slightly transparent plate, while a proximity sensor and another mic can be found concealed on the inner side, away from prying eyes.


The inner side also features four metallic dots, used for charging when the Gemini is nestled in its case. This seamless integration is a testament to the expertise of top-tier engineers. While it’s common knowledge that many of these products are manufactured in China by workers earning modest wages, the craftsmanship on the Gemini is, still, undeniably impressive.

However, contrary to the AirPods 2, it’s worth noting that the plastic feel of the Gemini feels a lot more sturdy, easily overthrowing the AirPods. And while the Devialet Gemini boasts a robust shell, in my eyes, the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless remains king thanks to its rugged touch. Still, head to head with similarly priced competitors, there’s no real challenger here as none exude the same premium feel as those TWS. Even from popular chi-fi brands!

Finally, let’s take a look at the charging case. Made from molded aluminum, the case gives a real sense of luxury once in hand, even if the outer part is made of classic TPU. The weight the sliding panel, even the design itself, contributes to the Gemini allure, and like the Momentum – once more –  the charging case of the Gemini, really elevates the experience. The only drawback? It’s a bit big and not quite easy to carry on the go !


Build quality

Built like a tank, the Devialet Gemini are one of the sturdiest TWS I’ve owned up to this day.

I lost them quite a few times while removing them from my ears and, surprisingly , they survived the concrete, the wood, the tiles and even the mud. With an IPX4 certification, you can wash them, but not immerse them. Of course, if you were to step on them, they will immediately break if you stomp them, but all acrylic/plastic IEMs will.

The charging box is even better though. Not only will it endure the test of time as the box, but it also happens to withstood my whole body standing on them – please don’t do that though, this was a professional stunt (!). And, as everything should be nowadays, the Gemini case comes with an USB-C port for charging, and even QI support.


Last but not least, strangely, Devialet offers a Care service, like for all its home speakers (Phantom I/II and Dione). That cost 39€ and will cover you in case you were to accidentally break your TWS. I didn’t take one, but if you’re clumsy, that could be a good option. 

To be honest, if for €349 the Devialet Gemini were already a nice option, for €179, they are almost undefeated in terms of build quality, outlasting – by far – the mighty AirPods Pro 2 in that regard. I mean, take any other TWS out there, none will give you the same feeling of luxury, for the same amount of money. Banger.

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  • Reply August 31, 2023

    Klicket E. Clack

    I have purchased multiple Devialet Phantoms (upgraded from white to silver to gold) and I deeply regret the purchase. It has been the worst, most frustrating experience – Devialet does NOT make good software and they REALLY do not take accountability for any glitches on their end. Their customer service is the worst in the audio business. Just one customer’s experience, but I would like to spare others the headache.

  • Reply September 10, 2023


    We’ll I’ve bought DEVIALET products from their resellers in Melbourne, Australia. I received excellent, knowledgeable customer service. Both resellers are audiophile retailers known for their expertise and customer care. I guess it really matters where you buy and how much they value their customers!

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