Noble Audio Onyx Review

Today we review the Noble Audio Onyx high-end IEM, priced at $3,200 USD.


Disclaimer: Noble Audio provided the Onyx at no cost. Headfonia is not affiliated with Noble Audio. Many thanks for the generosity and opportunity to review the Onyx.

Noble Audio

Noble Audio is a well-known name in the audiophile community, renowned for both its exceptional sound quality and artistic designs. With a long-standing presence in the industry, Noble has introduced beloved products such as the iconic Kaiser 10, Katana, Savant, Sage, and Kaiser Encore.

Even today, the original Kaiser 10 remains available under Noble’s prestige models, now rebranded as the Kaiser 10 Legacy (K10L). This model holds a special place in the hearts of seasoned audiophiles, serving as a reminder of Noble’s enduring legacy in the realm of high-fidelity audio.

We’ve covered numerous articles on Noble Audio products in the past. You can explore them by clicking here. To get a glimpse of their craftsmanship, I recommend checking out their gallery here. Noble Audio prides itself on creating “Artisanal In-Ear Monitors,” and their gallery showcases their exceptional work.

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The Noble Audio Onyx is a new high-end hybrid universal IEM from Noble. It packs a punch with eight advanced drivers, including Sonion electrostatic drivers, Knowles BA drivers, and a custom 10mm dynamic driver.

The custom 10mm dynamic driver ensures strong, controlled bass, while four Knowles BA drivers handle mids and highs. Dual Sonion electrostatic drivers and a PZT bone conductor create a spacious soundstage.

Crafted from durable aluminium with a Raffir composite faceplate, the Onyx comes with the Eletech Courage cable, a cryogenically treated OCC Silver Plated Copper one with a 4.4mm termination.


The Onyx comes in a sleek, mid-sized box with Noble Audio’s signature dark design. Inside, you’ll find a spacious zipper case that holds the IEMs and all accessories securely. The case includes cut-out foam to keep the IEMs in place and can accommodate additional items like a DAP or DAC/Amp.

Noble also includes a smaller zipper case for convenient transportation, along with ear tips, a cleaning tool, a Noble Audio card, stickers, and amplifier straps, reflecting their tradition of providing comprehensive packages.

Build Quality and Design

Noble’s design philosophy for the Onyx leans towards sophistication, opting for a refined and understated appearance. The choice of aluminium for the body and composite material for the faceplate exudes a sense of elegance, eschewing flashy colour schemes for a more timeless aesthetic.

Despite its subdued demeanour, the Onyx doesn’t skimp on build quality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it feels reassuringly solid in the hand, a testament to Noble’s commitment to durability.

The inclusion of standard 2-pin sockets, albeit slightly recessed, further enhances stability, ensuring longevity in its design.


Navigating the realm of comfort and fit with the Onyx might require a bit of experimentation due to its moderate size. However, once you find the right ear tips, the comfort level is pleasant.

In my experience, I’ve encountered no discomfort or fit issues with the Onyx, and the isolation it provides is commendable. While it may not match the tailored fit of custom IEMs, it certainly ranks among the top performers in the universal IEM category in terms of comfort and fit.

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