Lypertek TEVI Review

Lypertek Tevi

Today we look at the $89 USD Lypertek TEVI TWS IEM.




Disclaimer: Lypertek sent us the IEM for this review, free of charge. I only covered the import taxes and fees. All thoughts and experiences with the product are naturally my own. You can find out all about it here:


Next up in our TWS-Series is the TEVI from a secretive company called Lypertek. I say secretive because I had a hard time finding information about them online. Although TEVI is quite popular across the globe, the company itself seems to be active in Hong Kong. The TEVI is an impressive TWS that is on sale for $89 USD. Let’s go deeper.

Lypertek TEVI

TEVI utilizes a single 6mm graphene dynamic driver and several acoustic tunings to achieve the target frequency response. Lypertek states that they went through a long R&D period before releasing TEVI.

Specifications & Technical Data

  • 32-bit “TriCore Processor & Kalimba DSP”
  • Driver: High-Performance 6mm Graphene Driver
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 20kHz
  • Microphone: cVc 8.0 Noise Cancelling, Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression
  • Bluetooth Specification: Bluetooth 5.0 + Master/Slave Switch
  • Bluetooth Codec: Qualcomm aptX, AAC, SBC. Supports True Stereo Plus
  • Play Time (Max): 10 hours & Max. 70 hours with Charging Case
  • Waterproof Certificate: IPX7
  • Features: Music & Volume Control, Phone Call & Voice Assistant Calls.
Lypertek Tevi

Lypertek Tevi


3x Pairs of Silicone Ear Tips

1x Pair of Flexfit Foam Ear Tips

USB-C Cable

Quick Start Guide

Packaging & Design

Recently Lypertek changed TEVI’s packaging. They went from a plain white box to a transparent variant. My pair came with the new packaging and I think it was a good decision to switch. The old packaging seems blunt whereas the new packaging looks exciting. The TEVI, as you can see above, comes with limited accessories. I would have wished to see more ear tip options such as double flanges. When you lift the transparent plastic on top of the box, you see this fabric textured, chic charging case. The texture rings a bell or two. Sennheiser’s Momentum TWS have a similar texture on the outside. Frankly, it looks cool and it’s designed well. The biggest bonus of this fabric texture is that it’s resistant to damage. It can’t be scratched easily like some all-plastic cases in the market. Although the foundation of the case is plastic, it does not feel cheap in hand. The leather part is also a nice touch. The case has LEDs on it and not on the inside. This is something more manufacturers should pay attention to. LEDs inside are unpractical. The hinges are great, they are not very hard or light. The case comes with a USB-C socket for charging. More on that in the features section.

After opening the lid, the earphones are tightly secured in the charging bed. The magnets are strong. This is another thing that needs more attention. Bad magnets equal the risk of earphones falling and that’s never good. Lypertek’s attention to detail impressed me, I am sure it will impress many others. These are the little things that make our listening sessions a joyful process. The earphones themselves are also made of hard plastic. Plastic is a big word and not always a bad one. There are many kinds of it. In example, the plastic used in Hifiman’s TWS600 felt thin and I had doubts about its durability. With the TEVI, on the other hand, it feels very durable. I like the build quality. The TEVI certainly isn’t a small earphone, it’s not as big as the Momentum 2 though. More of a medium of sorts. The nozzle is long and helps with the fit. The face plate of the TEVI is fancied up with a chrome ring. Lypertek’s logo is placed on the center. TEVI’s design is simple yet elegant. The center serves as a button and it does not require a lot of force to push. This is another important detail. Hard to push buttons break the seal and can be a nuisance. The supplied USB-C cable is 45cm long and it does not feel cheap. That is pretty much what you get with TEVI.

Lypertek Tevi

Lypertek Tevi

Comfort & Isolation

TEVI’s nozzle is long and its housing is plump. This shape helps with both isolation and comfort. TEVI sits like a bespoke monitor in my ears. Although it is plastic, it has a smooth finish and this contributes to the comfort the TEVI offers. I recently built a PC and spent around 10 quality hours with TEVI. The session went great with no discomfort of any sort. TEVI offers great passive noise-canceling thanks to the snug fit.

Stability & Features

TEVI is a packed up TWS. It has many features and I will try to cover each and every one of them.

Let’s start with mic. Just like many TWS IEMs we’ve tested before, TEVI has cVc 8.0 noise-canceling mics placed on the face plate of the earphones. I have conducted several call quality tests and like many of its kind, the quality deteriorated with background noise. However, in quiet places, they do an okay job. TEVI has no touch controls and in my opinion, it’s a good thing. Touch controls can be exhausting. Buttons that are soft to push served me better in the past and TEVI’s buttons are quite soft. You do not experience any seal issues while pushing them.

Lypertek managed to get beefy batteries inside these buds, which is always a huge bonus for us. Charging can be frustrating after some time with some of the TWS IEMs that are on the market right now. Luckily, TEVI is not one of them. Lypertek advertises a whopping 10-hour battery life per ear plus 60 hours in the USB-C battery pack. Frankly, these numbers seemed a little off to me and I wanted to see it for myself. They successfully played my Tidal playlist via Apt-X at %75 volume for 9 hours and that is quite impressive. Let us move on to the latency tests.

Lypertek Tevi

Lypertek Tevi

I have tried Netflix, VLC, Amazon, and YouTube and experienced no delay whatsoever. Bluetooth 5.0 offers excellent coverage and the signal was stable during my time with the earphones. The TEVI has got the master-slave switching technology. It is a good feature that helps reduce the battery consumption gap between the master and the slave earphone. For the most part, it works well. However, on rare occasions, I experienced small audio drop-outs (around 2-3ms) when TEVI switched the master earphone. This is not a big deal but nevertheless, I wanted to share it with you. I also tried pairing it with multiple devices but I couldn’t, so be aware of that as well. It may not support a multiple Bluetooth pairing feature. TEVI supports aptX and that is good for an $89 USD earphone. Many TWS IEMs are still stuck with SBC/AAC.

Okay, now the greatest part. The TEVI is completely waterproof and Lypertek trusts it enough to promote getting in the shower with them. That’s how I like a company to be with their product. TEVI has got a IPX7 water, dust, pretty much anything proof certificate and you can stop worrying about water altogether. Do note that the earbuds themselves have this feature, not the battery case. So don’t go swimming with your tech bag!

The part on sound starts on the second page of this article. Click HERE or use the jumps below.

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