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Today we are looking at the 1More EVO TWS In-Ear, retailing for $169 USD.


Disclaimer: 1MORE sent us the EVO TWS ANC IEMs for this review free of charge. I only covered the import taxes and fees. All thoughts and experiences with the product are naturally my own. 


Three Foxconn executives received an investment from the Chinese technology giant, Xiaomi Corp, and established a premium audio company called 1MORE Inc. in Shenzhen, China. Shortly after that they expanded into the USA and established their second headquarters in San Diego, California. The company aims to offer premium quality audio devices at affordable prices. They have been taking on big players in the audio industry on a global scale. They have received multiple awards for their products in the past from notable sources such as iF, Reddot & CES. We reviewed a lot of 1More gear before, to check those reviews you can click here.

1More EVO True Wireless Stereo In-Ear Monitors with ANC

The 1MORE EVO is the latest flagship TWS offering from 1More. The Evo features a hybrid configuration with one dynamic and one balanced armature driver per side. It also is one of the few TWS that fully supports the LDAC codec, which offers up to 900 kbps data streaming. Furthermore, the EVO comes equipped with 1More’s new QuietMax ANC technology. The IEMs have 3 microphones per side and the mics are controlled by an AI-assisted DNN algorithm to provide adapting ANC under various scenarios. We will talk about these and more, in upcoming sections. I am including the highlights & specs of the 1More EVO flagship TWS, below.

Specifications & Highlights

x1 Balanced Armature Driver + 10mm DLC Dynamic Driver

x3 Microphones (per side) with 1More’s QuietMax Technology

Adaptive Mode / ANC Strong / ANC Mild / Wind Noise Resistance Modes

Bluetooth 5.2 + LDAC, AAC, SBC Codec Support

L/R Simultaneous Transmission + Dual-Device Connection

15 Mins Fast Charge = 4 Hours Playback + Qi Wireless Charging

Battery Life ANC On: 5.5h – 20h | ANC Off: 8h – 28h 

App Support & EQ via Sonarworks SoundID

3D Ceramic Faceplates with Touch Controls + IPX4 Design

Packaging & Accessories

The EVO comes in a small and square, cardboard hard box. The box has a special texture and feels rough to the touch. I personally like to keep the boxes of my units in tip-top condition and many manufacturers try to cut costs here so they go with the easily scratched or torn glossy cardboard boxes. Due to the new coating of 1More’s new packaging, the box is fingerprint, smudge, and stain proof. It is only a box you might say but small details tell a lot about a product’s design process.

The box opens to the left like a book, and the lid is held by a brushed aluminum magnet. This is also an elegant detail. The box is quite informative and a list of specs can be found on the back. The first design element you see after opening the lid is the design sketches of the product, on the inner side of the lid. To the enthusiast’s eye, these may be far from real design sketches however, from a designer’s point of view, the silver ink sketches are a fine touch and they look especially good on a black background. Overall, the packaging design feels premium and worthy of a flagship product. 

The accessories are in a small compartment under the charging box of the EVO TWS. The EVO comes with 5 pairs of great-quality tips, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, a 1More sticker, and a user manual. I would have liked to see a couple more tip options here.

Design & Fit

Upon opening the elegant box of the EVO, you are welcomed by the small, matte black finished, metal charging case. We have seen this case before, 1More ANC IEM had this very same case too, but with a different finish. I like this case as it looks elegant, small, and compact while having a big 450 mAh battery inside. The case is scratch resistant with its new finish and we have a rose gold 1More logo on the top side of it. Although this is subjective, I am not very big on the whole rose gold color, I would have liked to see either silver or gold color here. 

The charging case has a single battery status LED on the front and the charging USB-C socket is on the back of the case. The bottom of the case is covered with a nonslip rubber and that’s another nice detail about the case. My only big complaint is the material they chose to use on the cradle. Naturally placing and removing the IEMs you apply some force and that area comes in contact with your nails. I’ve been using the EVO for quite some time now and my unit’s cradle area is a mess with multiple scratches. If 1More covers this area with a scratch-resistant coating, this problem can easily be fixed.

Moving on to the earphones themselves, the EVO buds are ergonomically shaped, compactly designed, and chic-looking earphones. You come to this conclusion as soon as you see them. They look like they cost more than 200 bucks and they feel premium to the touch as well with their smooth matte black finish. The faceplates have “3d ceramic” panels and have a mirror effect. 1More states that these faceplates can effectively reduce electromagnetic signal interference and assist in providing a more stable audio transmission. The outer ring around the faceplates is made of anodized aluminum finished in rose gold. These panels feature touch controls and they are very sensitive so the units register gestures quite well. The EVO has three microphones and one proximity sensor per side. The oval nozzles of the EVO are finished in rose gold and match the other rose gold accents of the case and the buds. Additionally, 1More offers the unit in white color with the same bronze accents, too. I think it also looks quite well.

The EVO comes with 5 pairs of good quality tips and for me, the tips managed to offer a good, comfortable fit. The earphones are ergonomically shaped to stay comfortably and snugly in your ear canals and I can say that 1More did a great job with optimizing the shape. The shell is compact, considering each bud has 2 drivers, a PCB, and a 48 mAh battery inside. I’ve spent quite some time with the EVOs and I had no issues with the fit and the comfort. I even went to the gym with them and listened to my favorite, blood-pumping tracks. For the tip-roller audiophiles out there, yes, these buds too, have insufficient space in the cradle to store your triple or dual flange tips. Overall, it can be said that the EVO offers an elegant-looking design with only a few insignificant hiccups.

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Page 3: Sound Signature, Low, Mid, High, Technical Capability, Comparisons, Conclusion

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  • Reply July 9, 2022


    Nice review, got me thinking – are there any TWS that can be used with Triple flange tips (so they fit in the case)?
    Also Edifier Neobuds Pro support LDAC and also LDHC (the ones I know about and tried) 🙂

  • Reply October 13, 2022


    How does this compare against the Final Audio ZE3000 in terms of sound quality?

  • Reply January 2, 2024

    Diego Rojas

    Hola buenas tardes ……cual dirías que tiene un mejor sonido audiofilo 1More Evo o Fiio FW5? Gracias

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