1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM Review

1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM

In this article we review the 1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM , which is selling for $199.99 USD.


Disclaimer: 1MORE sent us the 1More True Wireless ANC IEM for this review free of charge, I only covered the import taxes and fees. All thoughts and experiences with the product are naturally my own.


Three Foxconn executives received an investment from the Chinese technology giant, Xiaomi Corp, and have established a premium audio company called 1MORE Inc. in Shenzhen, China. Shortly after that they expanded into the USA and established their second headquarters in San Diego, California. The company’s aim is to offer premium quality audio devices at mid-range prices. They have been taking on big players in the audio industry on a global scale. They have received multiple awards for their products in the past from notable sources such as iF, Reddot & CES. The product we are going to be reviewing today actually won a CES 2020 Innovation Award and 2019 iF Design Award.

We recently also reviewed 1MORE”s Dual Driver ANC PRO IEM, so check out that review first.

1More True Wireless ANC IEM

The True Wireless ANC highlights:

– 1MORE Patented Balanced Armature + 10mm Titanium-Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver

– Bluetooth 5 + AptX Support

– Fast Charging & Wireless Charging Support – USB-C

– Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling via 2 Microphones (Each Side) and DSP

– Built-in touch and physical controls (next/previous/Play/Pause, answer/drop calls, ANC levels, voice assistant)

– Wired & Wireless charging (Qi)

– Proximity Sensor – Auto Playback

– True Wireless Stereo Plus Support (Android)

– Battery life of 6 hours with ANC off and 5 hours with ANC on (22 hours in total with the case) and 65h Standby

– Weight: 7.9 g (per earpiece) / 63.2 g (earpieces + case)

1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM

Packaging & Accessories

1MORE’s premium TWS IEM comes with a white and gray foldable hard box. Features and specifications are listed on the box and the box itself is quite informative. 1MORE also did not forget to mention the awards and certifications here. When you open the box, you see sketches of the product on the inner flap along with the signature of Luca Bignardi. He is 1MORE’s lead sound engineer and he is the man behind the tuning of this particular IEM.

As for accessories, you get 6 pairs of different size tips. 1MORE also supplies you with 4 different sizes of hooks to optimize fit. There is also a USB-A to USB-C adapter for charging the case. Lastly, you get a brilliant carbon fiber textured pouch to safely carry your 1MORE IEMs around in. The whole unboxing process feels quite premium.

Build & Design

1The More True Wireless ANC IEM (TWS ANC from here on) features a glossy carbon-fibre design with red accents. In my opinion, they look like they came bundled with a brand-new McLaren. I like how sporty they look.

From the moment you hold TWS ANC in your hands, you feel that it is a well-built product. If you had anything from 1MORE before, then you know the feeling. The housing of the TWS ANC is definitely not small. Although I had no ergonomics problems during my time with it. The housing is very well-shaped. 1MORE put a lot of thought in the design, that’s for sure. The hook hits your antihelix and this results in a snug, secure fit.

Furthermore, it has a very unique, oval nozzle design. I found out that you can use the traditional wide bore ear tips with it if you like. My JVC Spiral Dots tips fit perfectly so don’t worry about the TWS ANC having a different nozzle shape.

1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM

As for controls, there is a multi-purpose button and a touch sensor on each side. You can control pretty much anything. We’ll talk about it more in the features section.

The battery case has all-metal construction and feels great in hand. It feels very premium and durable. I don’t know how resistant it is to scratches but I’d be careful if I were you. Both the charging case and earphones have status LEDs to let you know about battery and charging. Altogether, the design aspects get a big thumbs up from me. From material to shape. Do note that it doesn’t have any IP-rating. 

Features & Connectivity

1MORE’s True Wireless ANC Earbuds come with their proprietary hybrid noise-cancelling technology. We’ve seen it before in 1More’s successful neckband IEM, the technology works great. It is definitely one of the bests, along with Sony’s XM3 TWS ANC. 1MORE uses a dual microphone setup to achieve suppression up to 35dB. One feed-forward and one feedback ANC microphone catch environmental and in-ear noises and analyze them via DSP to maximize noise cancelling performance. During my testing, it totally made motorcycles and cars around me disappear. The thing works great but too much isolation may result in serious harm, so be aware of your surroundings when you’re outside. There are 3 modes in total, ANC Level 1, ANC Level 2 and Pass-through for increased awareness. You can change the modes by tapping on the touch sensor twice.

1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM

Moving on to connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 is pretty standard these days. Of course 1MORE adapted this technology, along with AptX support. I would definitely want to see LDAC or at least AptX HD support here, but I think they did it to lengthen the battery life. As long as it sounds good, I am okay with the sub-optimal codec. We’ll talk about it more in the sound section. The connection quality is quite good. 1MORE uses a chip from Qualcomm and I had absolutely no problems with it. It is a pleasure to say that I had no latency issues with it either. Android’s YouTube & Netflix apps work lag-free. The range is pretty good too. I left my phone by the pool and wandered around for a bit. In the 10-15m range, I experienced no connection cut-offs.

Let’s talk about battery. The carbon-fibre pair comes with a 410 mAh battery case. 1MORE says that they’re good for 6 hours (ANC off) per charge.The battery case holds 16h worth of juice. So that’s 22h in total. It is a little under what I expected from these 1MORE’s but it’s alright. Of course, turning ANC on makes you lose around 4 hours worth of juice and pulls your total playback time to from 22 to 18 hours. 1MORE also states that only 15 minutes of charging gives you enough juice for 2 hours playback thanks to fast-charging. During my testing, I got around 15 hours (ANC on) with my listening conditions. Also, fully charging of the earphones takes only 50 minutes. Qualcomm’s True Wireless Plus feature also helps with the battery so keep that in mind as well.

1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM

As for controls, there is a multi-purpose button and a touch sensor on each side. You can control pretty much anything. This means that you can start & pause the playback, increase & decrease the volume, summon voice assistant, answer, decline & hang-up calls, tune in to the next or previous track. Call quality is also good for the price. It does handle calling in tough situations like a crowded Cafe. The people I called did not have a problem understanding me. Kudos!

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