KBEAR KS2 Review


Today we look at the budget KBEAR KS2 IEM, which is selling for only $22 USD.


The KBEAR KS2 is aimed at the budget audiophile, priced at only $22 USD. In this article we will find out what you get in return for this little money. A mini review.

Chi-Fi is becoming more and more competitive each day. A couple of years ago, we would not dream of buying a hybrid earphone for a mere $20 USD, but nowadays now we can. And actually, it is not too shabby either!

I unfortunately could not find a lot information about the (new) company but they seem to be active on Facebook and Aliexpress. As you can see on their shop site, they have wide selection of In-Ear Monitors, too. 



KBEAR says that they combined a 10mm composite diaphragm dynamic driver and balanced armature driver to create KS2. They also mention that the cable that KS2 comes with is a 4-core OFC copper. For $22 USD, these all seem very good to my ears. Let’s check it out in detail.


Packaging & Accessories

The KBEAR KS2 comes in a compact, white cardboard box. The box has specifications listed on the back side. Considering the price, the presentation is not bad at all. The supplied cable is quite thin and flexible.

According to KBEAR the cable consists out of strands of 6N OFC high-quality wires. The cable has an exchangeable 2PIN wire design which allows easy cable rolling.

You receive one set of silicone tips, in 3 sizes.

It’s simple but what else do you expect for this little money.


Build & Fit

The KS2 has a small, plain, polycarbonate housing and the finish feels soft to the touch. It does not feel cheap but it does feel ordinary because of the plain black design. I would want to see some kind of swirl or artwork, at least on the faceplate. The fit is quite good for my ears and the included tips work great. Its passive isolation is also good thanks to the ear-shaped shell. 

According to KBEAR, the cabinet cavity of the KBEAR KS2 is made of an imported high-density PC material which can suppress the diffuse reflection of sound waves inside the cavity. Through the optimization of the internal cavity acoustic structure, the overall sound is more warm and charming, and the soft and mellow audio performance is reproduced as the real picture. Translucent resin material, bright streamer, full of beauty and technology!


Did you fully understand that? Right. Let’s move on and we’ll see for ourselves in the part on sound how this budget IEM performs.

The IEMs nozzle is long and wide as well and KBEAR states this extends the life of the IEM. I don’t see how a long or short canal can influence that, but ok. The KBEAR KS2 does feature an aluminum alloy nozzle, which is a nice touch at this price. I’m not so sure that this is making the mid-bass clean and smooth, as they say.

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Model: KBEAR KS2
Headphone type: In-ear headphones
Headphone output source: HiFi
Sensitivity: 106dB ±3dB
Cell Impedance: 16Ω
Frequency response range: 20-20kHz
Pin Type:

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