Edifier TWS6 & TWS NB Review

Edifier TWS6 TWS NB

Edifier sent us the $120 USD TWS6 in single balanced armature configuration, and the $120 USD TWS NB equipped with 13mm dynamic driver and active noise cancelling for review.




Disclaimer: The IEMs for this review were sent to us free of charge. All thoughts and experiences with the product are naturally my own. 


Edifier is a Chinese audio company that specializes in professional audio solutions and it was founded in 1996.


They’re passionate about the sound and they do their best to help others discover the power of music. Edifier gives out scholarships and they have a foundation where they help children with hearing impairment. They have a wide-range of products and my first encounter with Edifier was back in 09’. I had their “Luna” speaker. As the years went by, I bought more Edifier products. For me, it was about the price to performance ratio. Let’s find out if they are still rocking that sweet spot.

PS. They have excellent customer relations. Shout out to James!

Edifier TWS6 TWS NB

Edifier TWS6 TWS NB


You can find out all about both Edifier TWS models on their dedicated web page here:

TWS-NB: https://www.edifier.com/us/en/headphones-earphones/twsnb-true-wireless-earbud-headphones

TWS6: https://www.edifier.com/us/en/headphones-earphones/tws6-true-wireless-earbud-headphones

Highlights of TWS6 (119$):

• Knowles BA

• 32h Total Playback

• IPX5 Water Resistance

• Compact Size

• Wireless Charging

Highlights of TWS NB (119$)

• AMS FF Active Noise Cancelling

• 13mm Graphene DD

• Qualcomm QCC3026 cVc + LDS

Edifier TWS6 TWS NB

Edifier TWS6 TWS NB

Packaging & Accessories

Both of the devices come with sleek looking packaging. All the details about them are listed neatly on the back. They both come with plenty of accessories.

The Edifier TWS6 comes with:

  • 3 sizes of silicone ear-wings,
  • 3 sizes of silicone tips,
  • 2 sizes of foam tips,
  • a USB-C cable.

The Edifier TWS NB comes with:

  • 3 sizes of silicone tips,
  • 2 sizes of foam tips,
  • 2 different types of flaps,
  • a USB-C cable.


Edifier TWS6 TWS NB

Edifier TWS6 TWS NB

Design & Fit

First of all, these two are nothing alike design-wise. The TWS6 is perhaps the smallest TWS I’ve ever seen. It’s TINY. On the other hand, The TWS NB is quite a big earphone. I shot them side by side for you to see the difference. The TWS6 is only 12mm in diameter and that is crazy. The TWS NB has a 13mm driver. See what I am talking about?

The TWS6 comes with ear wings for a better fit. Well, for me, the TWS6 is amazing either way. I did not need the wings, it stays in my ears firmly and the comfort is the best I have ever experienced. I simply forget they are there. The TWS NB’s fit however is not as good as TWS6’s. You certainly feel these protruding earphones in your ears. Luckily, they stay put thanks to their little flaps and form. Both of the earphones are equipped with LEDs to let you know about their status. The TWS6’s LEDs are stealthier and they have touch controls whereas the NB version is equipped with a multi-function button on each earphone. Both earphones have a wide sound bore and they are compatible with wide-bore eartips such as the JVC Spiral Dot. As mentioned earlier, the TWS NB is big but at the same time it is quite light. This definitely contributes to its comfort. The TWS6 feels like it’s almost weightless.

Edifier TWS6 TWS NB

Edifier TWS6 TWS NB

The TWS NB has this bronze-ish tint whereas the TWS6 is black. Both earphones feel great in hand. As for the charging cases, the TWS NB gets the crown here. It has a great rectangular charging case which looks like it is from the year 2070. I like it very much. The paint and finish are very nice as well. It has a bronze-ish gray color & sand-like texture and it is quite scratch-proof as well. The case has LEDs to let you know about the battery status.

The TWS6’s charging case, is plain. It has a glossy black finish and it is a scratch magnet. It has a single color LED under the case, next to the USB-C port. The thing is, you can’t really know about the battery status. At least that was my experience. I would want to see a design similar to that of the NB’s but that’s just my two cents. On another note, the TWS6’s case has a smaller footprint compared to that of the NB’s. The TWS6’s case has a pairing button whereas, with the NB, you have to hold the multi-function button on the earphones. Isolation-wise both of the earphones block a fair amount of noise and combine it with NB’s noise cancelling and you’re almost deaf.

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    very useful info, thank you for sharing with us!

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    Paul Mckinley

    I cannot find an option on the edifier app anywhere to switch off the annoying blinking led lights on my Edifier TWS earbuds… Can you tell me how to please?


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