HiBy x FAudio Project Ace Review

Today we’re reviewing the new HiBy x FAudio Project Ace single dynamic IEM. It’s selling for $249 USD.


Disclaimer: HiBy sent us the new HiBy x FAudio Project Ace for this review. All thoughts and experiences with the product are naturally my own.


HiBy is a business enterprise conducting research, developing and marketing high-quality portable audio products. The organization has a professional R&D workforce and has a commendable track record in the portable audio industry.

Additionally, HiBy is renowned for creating software that enables music playback on mobile phones and digital audio players (DAPs). It is an established manufacturer of portable music players and produces digital-to-analogue converters (DACs) and in-ear monitors (IEMs). Our publication has conducted numerous reviews of HiBy products, which can be accessed here.

Notably, the entry-level R4 is featured below:

HiBy x FAudio Project Ace

Hiby is mostly known for its audio players, but they have quite an experience with IEMs too. They had previously launched the Lasya, Crystal 6, Seeds, and Zeta, just to name a few. However, they decided to collaborate with FAudio for their new entry-level IEM.

FAudio is a brand that manufactures high-end IEMs, and we reviewed their Mezzo LE model here. FAudio has been around since 2015, and they’ve accepted this collaboration to popularize their expertise to a broader market with an affordable price tag. 

Project Ace’s main features are as below:

– 12mm Large-Sized Dynamic Driver

– Mg and Li Alloy Dome Structure

– Beryllium-Plated Diaphragm

– CNC-Machined Shell

– 8-Core Copper and Silver Litz Type 5 Braided Cable

– Swappable Termination Plug (3.5mm + 4.4mm)

Packaging & Accessories

The new Project Ace comes in a moderately premium box. For the price range, the experience is quite premium. The accessories and the overall presentation are very satisfying. I would say the design of the box is pretty neat as well, with golden accents and a tidy design. The carrying case is also premium, with soft inner material and nice leather on the outside. Other accessories include silicone ear tips (3 pairs) and foam tips (3 pairs), a cleaning tool, and the swappable 3.5mm jack. Overall a very nice package.

Design & Build

The shells of the HiBy Project Ace are fully crafted from metal using CNC machining. While the angular shape might not be the most ergonomic, it certainly makes an impressive visual impression. For the price tag, the build quality is fabulous, including the stock cable, which feels sturdy and premium.

The full aluminium shells are a treat to look at. HiBy added silver design accents to the faceplate, featuring the HIBY and FAudio logos, giving it a cool and distinctive character. The cable is brown, which looks a bit dull to me, but it’s still acceptable. A silver-coloured cable might have been a better match for the blue shell and silver lines.

Again, the quality of the shells is superb. There isn’t any dent or problem with the build quality, and the 2-pin sockets hold the cable securely. The aluminium body feels excellent in hand. The nozzles are unibody with the shell, featuring wax filters on the tips. The included tips are also high quality.


The new Project Ace from HiBy, unfortunately, doesn’t have an ideal shape for ears in my opinion. The angular design and the positioning of the shells feel off when you insert them. HiBy provides a good set of tips, and I found foam tips to be the best fit for me. The silicone tips didn’t work well, as I couldn’t get a flush fit or proper seal. So, overall, the fit experience with Project Ace is problematic, at least in my experience.

Isolation varies with the tips you use. I found that foam and hybrid tips (aftermarket) offer the best isolation. There’s a vent for the dynamic driver, but it doesn’t affect the isolation much, especially with foams.

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