BLOG: 2019 Awards – Part 1

2019 Awards

It’s time for the 2019 Awards. This is an article many of you, well mostly the companies actually, always anxiously wait for. This is the article in which we award the best gear of 2019. First up: Linus and my own selection!! You will find the other writer’s selections here on Thursday.

2019 Awards – Year overview

It was another great year that flew by even faster than last year. A year in which DAPs and IEMs are still the most popular even though we discovered some really great amplifiers, dacs and full-sized headphones this year. Unfortunately not everyone can win an award but we’ve done our best to select the best of the best.

For myself, next to all the excellent new gear I got to listen to, it was important to see Headfonia continue to grow. I’m very happy with the writer staff we have at the moment and I can’t thank Linus, Berkhan, Nano and Matty enough for being part of Headfonia.

But without further ado, here are the winners of 2019. Smaller Pockets = Budget and Larger Pockets = High End


2019 Awards – Winners

This year we have plenty of categories and there are many awards by each senior writer. Next to that we this year also introduce a new award: “Headfonia’s product of the year”. Later this week you’ll also find out who Berkhan and Nano are giving their awards to. Before we get started with Linus and my own personal awards, it’s time to announce the big winner…

The winner of the “2019 Best Product of the year” award is…..


“LOTOO – PAW 6000 DAP”

2019 Awards

2019 Awards


The Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP is affordable, works flawlessly and sounds incredibly good. It has a perfect mixture of technicalities and musicality and it has made all of us smile on many occasions. We’ve had the pleasure to test and try many portable players, but this is the one. Therefore it is our product of the year. Congratulations!

You can find the full PAW 6000 review here:


And now on to the personal awards on the next page! CLICK HERE FOR LIEVEN’s AWARDS

The personal awards of Linus can be found on the second page! CLICK HERE FOR LINUS’ AWARDS

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    ???????????? nice idea as your reviews are enlightening.

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    Phong Ngo

    Thank you for another great year of reviews!

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    Been checking this site for almost ten years, love you and keep up the great work!

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