Feliks Audio Euforia AE Review

Feliks Audio Euforia AE

In this review we take a close look at the Feliks Audio Euforia AE, the 20th Anniversary Edition of their reference amp from our Polish friends. It’s prices at $3,499 USD.



Disclaimer: Feliks Audio is not related to Headfonia in any way. The Euforia AE was sent to me to be featured on Headfonia.com and doesn’t need to be returned as far as I know.

Feliks Audio

I have had the pleasure to meet Lukasz Feliks in person at the High End show in Munich and he’s just really nice and professional. He is now co-running the business which his father started and it was really nice chatting with him about tube technologies, tube types and tube amps.

Feliks Audio has been around for quite some time already but I have to say that they gained a lot of importance these last few years in the personal audio segment. Feliks Audio has also been displaying their products at the Head-Fi Canjam and other shows and I’m convinced this has helped them a lot as they have great gear and the best way to prove that is by letting people listen to it.

Feliks Audio is a family, boutique manufacturer of hand-crafted tube amplifiers, with over 20 years of audio solutions development experience. All their products are in-house engineered, tuned and assembled at their site in Lubliniec (Poland). They create special and unique designs, blending together technology and tradition. Originally, Feliks Audio focused mainly on custom made amplifiers tailored to client’s order. Over the time we they developed many innovative and sophisticated audio solutions. Thanks to that they have gained valuable knowledge and experience across broad range of applications. Their amplifiers, among them Espressivo, Elise and Euforia, have won many supporters across the world. Their products offer a perfect blend of passion for honest sound, great attention to technical details and beautiful finish. Feliks Audio follows design simplicity, minimizing the number of elements in projected signal path. Thanks to this approach they ensure that the sound produced by our devices is pure and true

You can find the Feliks Audio website here http://feliksaudio.pl/en/ and their Facebook page is  here https://www.facebook.com/feliksaudio/

The Euforia AE

For now the Euforia AE is the top of the range amplifier of Feliks Audio’s product line-up and this special edition joins the original Euforia which was launched back in 2017. The Euforia and the AE version are beautifully hand-crafted tube amps based on 6SN7 driver tubes and 6N13S (6AS7) power tubes, a single ended OTL tube amp. When ordering the original Euforia you get to choose between the silver or gold version of the 6SN7 tube type but you can also buy the amp without any tubes as well. You can find the product page right here: http://feliksaudio.pl/en/products.php

We have reviewed the original Euforia amplifier already, it even won the Best amp of 2018 award. As both of these amps have a lot in common, you might want to read up on that article first. You can find it right here: https://www.headfonia.com/review-feliks-audio-euforia/

Why a new Euforia? It’s been exactly 20 years since the company founder, Henryk Feliks, started commercial builds of tube amplifiers. To celebrate this, Feliks Audio launched a very special version of their flagship amplifier. This new model incorporates lessons learnt over last couple of years and latest R&D projects.

The Euforia AE doesn’t have a dedicated web page yet and you have to send an email to Feliks Audio if you’re interested in buying one. The other option is to buy one at a dealer where you will pay between €2900 and $3,499 USD depending on where you look. The original Euforia’s price, depending on the options chosen, starts at €1799 (without tubes). Why the mark-up? We’ll get to that right now!

According to Feliks Audio, both Euforia’s unique designs allows for exceptional sound quality with a broad range of headphones, powerful enough to drive even demanding low impedance headphones (<32 ohm) including planar magnetics.

The regular Euforia comes with an improved noise reduction circuit and there’s virtually no background noise. This Euforia uses a high-end class power transformer, 100% pure silver signal wiring in teflon jackets, heavy duty teflon gold-plated tube sockets, high quality Mundorf and Nichicon capacitors and Dale and Caddock resistors. This Euforia has a preamp safety circuit and gold plated RCA inputs. The power supply is based on a custom made stabilized toroidal transformer with electronic ripple suppression and the amp comes with an extended 3-year warranty.

The new Anniversary Edition basically is an upgraded version of the original. New this time:

  • Neotech UP-OCC Single crystal signal wiring – extremely pure monocrystalic copper wire, teflon coated – able to transmit signal faster, and with less distortion than OFC or silver wires, comparing to pure silver wires (as used in “regular” Euforia) it makes the top-end of the spectrum sound richer yet less fatiguing
  • Higher grade internals including ClarityCap capacitors with CopperConnect technology- for extra smoothness and clarity
  • New low-noise-design power transformer – provides even better electromagnetic interference isolation
  • Redesigned Constant-current source modules to give rock-solid operating conditions, regardless of the external factors
  • Special finish – high gloss space grey applied using highest quality automotive painting process

Another nice feature still is the cross-feed circuit that Feliks Audio integrated in the design, it certainly isnn’t anything new but it’s a nice feature to have. I did most listening without the circuit activated though. The Euforia als has a pre-amp function and gives you the usual RCA outputs, but this function is not being taken into account for this review.

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Lieven is living in Europe and he's the leader of the gang. He's running Headfonia as a side project next to his full time day job in Digital Marketing & Consultancy. He's a big fan of tube amps and custom inear monitors and has published hundreds of product reviews over the years.


  • Reply December 31, 2019


    Thanks for another great review. No one in the industry writes a better review than you in my opinion. I wish you can add a paring with Abyss headphones at some point. Happy New Year!

  • Reply January 3, 2020


    Thank you, those are very kind words.Happy new year!

  • Reply July 6, 2020

    Mark Owens

    Thanks for the review, I wonder how it compares to the Lafigaro 339,is it worth spending the extra money on this map instead of the LaFigaro 339? As a performance to cost ratio,which is better?

    • Reply July 8, 2020


      Well, sound-wise the Feliks AE is technically the best. The 339 is awesome for High impedance headphones (and some others) if you like a smooth and warm tube sound. The AE is more high end, reference tuned. Where the 339 is pure about musicality and smoothness

  • Reply November 19, 2020


    Wow, great review that really conveys your enthusiasm especially paired with Senn. HD800. I’m also pleasantly surprised at your positive comments paired with EE Nemesis IEM. What is the output impedance of the Euforia AE that allows it to pair with low impedance IEM’s despite ‘the rule of eights” and such?

    • Reply November 23, 2020


      I reviewed the AE but never ever heard the EE Nemesis IEM

  • Reply December 8, 2021

    Victor Yu

    Hi how would this compare with the Auris HA-2SE in terms of tube enjoyment? I currently own a Woo Audio WA6-SE and looking for better Tube amp. I use HD650, HE-500, Alessandro Pro and ATH-W3000ANV and Hugo 2 as DAC, thanks a lot

  • Reply December 8, 2021


    The SE is more mellow and warmer while the AE has it beat on pure technicalities. The AE is a higher level amp, so I think you will like it coming from the WA6-SE. Another end game option would be the Auris Headonia

  • Reply December 9, 2021

    Victor Yu

    Thanks Lieven, I’m struggling in between Auris SE, SF and Feliks AE or the previous Euforia, what would be your recommendation to me based on my gears?

    • Reply December 9, 2021


      I think the Felix AE will suit you best actually

  • Reply June 11, 2022

    Robert Verbanac

    At he moment I have HD 800s/ Darkvoice amp and Topping D70s. I want to upgrade amp to La Figaro 339i or AE Euforia? I listen avangard acoustic jazz, classical music, string quartets an similar things. What do yo suggest in my case? Thank you and regards, Robert.

    • Reply June 12, 2022


      Euforia AE for the win, just need to update the power tubes

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