Watch it Wednesday: Fiio Q1MK2

Disclaimer: The Fiio Q1MK2 is the second revision of Fiio’s popular Q1 portable DAC/AMP. Fiio is a site partner and the unit doesn’t need to be returned. It will be reviewed soon on Headfonia!


This week you get a first look at the brand new Fiio Q1MK2 portable DAC/AMP. Berkhan also demonstrates how it works with an iPad.

The Fiio Q1MK2 of course is the revision of the original Fiio Q1, which we reviewed back in November 2015 already. That means it was more then time for an update. If you have no idea what the Q1 was and is, you better check the original review here:

You’ll discover how the Fiio Q1MK2 looks and works in this new video from Berkhan. Enjoy!

Watch it Wednesday – Episode 8


We’ll be back next week with another video. What about? No idea yet, but it will yet again be exciting 😉

(I’m kidding, of course  I know)

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    May you compare the Q1 mk 2 to the Oppo HA2-SE? I’m in the market for a portable amp/dac to use with my iPhone, these seems to be the best options out there right now. Thank you!

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