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Exploring new music and discovering new bands is always fun, but it’s not that fun if you can’t find anything new and fresh to listen to. This is where recommendations from friends and HFN readers come in. We think that Song of The Day can be a way to recommend new music to our fellow headphone enthusiasts and so we made a page for that purpose. I started the #songoftheday on Twitter a few years ago but I just couldn’t find the time to keep doing it. David was always a big fan of this topic and so I have put him in charge now of this page.

If you want to recommend a song of the day you can:

* Post a comment in this topic

* Tweet it to our Twitter account @headfonia and add the hash tag #songoftheday or #SOTD

* email us at @ (without spaces)

If we’ll like it then we’ll add them to the list. I look forward to all the new music!


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  • Activebass

    I am loving this feature of the blog! It’s been challenging for me to find good – sonically stimulating – music these days and I’m loving these tracks. If you can, check out Ellie Goulding.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Activebass. Will check out Ellie Goulding.

      • Activebass

        Now before you expect anything too exotic, I’d better give a brief description: her album, Lights, is a fun listen using good buds or cans. I’d describe her music on this album as a more catchy, faster, danceable version of Bjork’s Post. the production on the album is quite good, so is ear candy. Anyway, enjoy!

    • And we”re back!

  • Listen to the ukrainian band Pur:Pur! They’re really great!

  • Donunus

    Im still pretty ignorant when it comes to twitter. I posted a song there. Broken by Voyager from the 2011 album ‘The meaning of I”. I hope it came out. Anyway, I just discovered the 2011 album yesterday and I’m loving the whole album.

  • Smith

    The link to Sway isn’t of Frank Sinatra…

  • Charles McFarlane

    Hey have you stopped doing song of the day?

    • Anonymous

      Yes we have for now, there just wasn’t enough input

      • Charles McFarlane

        Dammit, I discovered a lot on Song of the Day.

        • Anonymous

          Me too 🙁
          Maybe I’ll give it another shot on Facebook

        • We’re back!

  • vetkin edwin

    Gotye (feat. Kimbra)- Somebody That I Used to Know

  • Fabio_Rocks

    Song of the Day: Burial – Etched Headplate

  • Fabio_Rocks
  • meh

    interesting, no more update on this page? how about the twitter, still running this now?

    • L.

      Want me to start doing this again? How did you find this page?

      • meh

        it would be interesting if it start again, but im pretty sure i myself wont be checking everyday.
        maybe 2-5 songs a month? even i myself not a regular listener..

        *i was searching if headphonia have a review of little dot amp, and came across this. “dot” – at search bar

  • Brian

    This would make a great song of the day!

    • Didn’t know anyone still made music like this – very cool.

    • Not available in my country LOL

    • I bought it – great suggestion!

  • socks mk2
    • I’m still getting used to his voice. Thanks for sharing

      • socks mk2

        Vocals might sound a bit ‘different’ as Urbandub is a Pinoy rock band. Understandable.

  • Ted Tillholm

    I just heard this yesterday, and was impressed.

    • Very special song, not really my thing after one listen but David is in charge 🙂
      Thanks for posting

  • Tronco
    Listen to it with a Alo PanAm and LCD-2. Blows you away.

    • The song is ok but what’s up with that dress?

      • Tronco

        I really don’t care how she dresses as long as she sings. 🙂

  • Dreamriser Kit

    Hello, shooting star by Moumoon

    Really sweet vocal.

    P.S. My favourite genre is J-pop, J-rock and Anisong. Not sure whether this genre popular in Europe and US 😮

    • Not so much in EU. I really like the tone of this song though. Very nice
      Thanks for the suggestion

  • Patrick Tam

    I love the melody and the fact that they managed to fuse metal and cello together.

    • I played the first 6 or 7 songs off the album – all obvious metal (throbbing stuff), and then this one with no clues – never would have guessed this was anything but generic darkwave.

  • Ignatius Andi

    Listen to this song with your widest soundstage gears.

  • Carlos Gustavo Hernández Cala
  • Sean Podolski

    Fame [ Infamy ] by Fallout Boy.

    One of the better songs to get your head banging

  • Alok Juyal

    Beck – Paper Tiger (this song ‘unfolds’, awesome listening experience)