First Look Sunday: Abyss Diana V2

Abyss Diana V2

In this preview post we look at the all new Diana V2 by Abyss Headphones. It retails for 2,995 USD and is one of the most portable high end headphones to date.

Disclaimer: This post is part of our First Look series in which we give our brief impressions about new products in our review queue. A full review will come over the next couple of weeks.

Abyss’ original Diana headphone has been introduced back in 2015. The team around Joe Subinski had the guts to try something rather unique. They designed a boutique headphone as small as possible, but without compromising in sound quality. The Diana was a highly anticipated product that many people were excited about. Back then, I tipped my hat to Abyss for going that route. Although I had my issues with the original Diana’s comfort, as many others. Just a couple of weeks ago, Abyss announced their newest version of the Diana headphones. After launching the Diana Phi, they have now introduced the new Diana V2. It comes with a redesigned driver and improved ear-pads over the original. I’m happy to report, that this one is a whole lot better to wear than the V1.

Here’s a video by Abyss that covers all the differences between V1 and V2:

V2 vs Phi

It’s no secret I really like the products of Abyss Headphones. Just earlier this year I have reviewed their Diana Phi, and it blew me away with it’s almost Stax-like signature. Abyss’ Diana Phi is a trickled down version of their previous flagship – the AB1266 Phi CC. Diana Phi’s only downside for me was and is its kind of difficult matchability.

The Diana Phi does not play nicely with just about any gear. It needs quality amplification and a good match for its super airy and highly resolving nature. It asks for some Class A body and tone. I found the best match in my inventory to be the Woo Audio WA11. Together with the Phi this is a portable solution for summit-fi listening in a small package.

The Diana V2 is very different in the regards of finding a suitable partner. During the month that I have my pair now, I played with a whole lot of sources. Desktop and portables. And to me Diana V2 is a lot easier to match than the Diana Phi. It sure does enjoy a good amplifier, but even out of my Lotoo PAW Gold Touch it sounds much better than it should.

Abyss Diana V2

Abyss Diana V2

Diana V2 has an organic sound, with excellent body throughout the entire signature. It sounds life-like with really good imaging and resolution. The Diana Phi in comparison sounds more open, faster and more precise. But the Diana V2 has this meaty sound, that makes listening to it a big pleasure.

Both headphones give the listener a respectively different approach to music. While Diana Phi uncovers just about every little detail there is, Diana V2 invites you to sit back and just enjoy your music in the highest form.

I still have a long way to go with the full review for the Diana V2, but so far I am already looking forward to more extensive sessions with this beauty. Keep your eyes out for the full review, but now it’s time for me to kick back.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Abyss Diana V2

Abyss Diana V2


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