Album of the week – N° 4

In this weekly series, we’ll cover someone’s favorite Album of the Week. 


Exploring new music and discovering new bands is always fun. Without music we couldn’t even listen to all of great gear. Music is what unites us and as such we are reviving a very old series, in which we each week talk about one specific album. In short: “The Album of the Week”!

I started this album of the week series with a record I have been listening to for 32 years. Then Felix followed with a very recent discovery and I continued with Nirvana’s “MTV Unplugged in New York” album. This 4th edition of the AOTW is from Melody Gardot, and the album is “Some Lessons: The Bedroom Sessions

After being hit by a car and suffering serious injuries in November 2003, Melody Gardot tried music therapy and learned to play the guitar and write her own songs. This independent EP arose from those sessions in 2005. Not much has been published about the record.

The title song, “Some Lessons”, is considered autobiographical, as it contains lines such as It’s a miracle that I’m alive (…) To think that I could have fallen / A centimeter to the left / Would not be here to see the sunset / Or have myself a time and Remember the sound of the pavement / World turned upside down. 


“Wicked Ride” is my favorite song of this record. The combination of the piano and her voice is magical. It’s a very simple song, but it’s so sweet and relaxing to listen to. Add a good whiskey or Cognac and you’ll have the perfect evening listening to this track and album. I finally got to see Melody live last year. While it was a great show, I have to say I prefer her earlier work. Now she has this diva attitude on her that I don’t like. Sure she’s good, but come on, act normal 😉

It’s very hard to find this album on the regular streaming services, and the only one I found it on is YouTube. If you can find a copy somewhere, buy it!

And that’s it for my third entry. If you haven’t given it a chance, try it. You might enjoy it as much as I do. Let us know in the comments if you agree with our song selection or let us know what song from this album you prefer.

You can check out the track on Youtube here:

Full album link is here:

We feel and hope that this new series can be a way to recommend new music to our fellow headphone enthusiasts and so we’ll be posting a new recommendation each week on Saturday. If you want to see your favorite album being featured here, head over to our contact page, or hit us up on Twitter or Instagram. (hashtag #albumoftheweek or #AOTW). If we like it then you will be featured in this series.

See you next week!

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    Wow, this is a great album. Very happy to add this one to my collection

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