Review: Effect Audio Code 51 – Supreme

Effect Audio Code 51

Today we’re looking at Effect Audio’s new 2,388 USD flagship cable – the Code 51. Does it live up to its price? Let’s find out together.

Disclaimer: Effect Audio supplied the Code 51 to premier on Headfonia. I only had to pay for importing the cables. Headfonia is not affiliated with Effect Audio, however, they are a site advertiser. Many thanks for the generosity and opportunity.

About Effect Audio:

In our corners, Effect Audio doesn’t need an introduction anymore. The boutique cable manufacturer has been around for ten years now and ever since then they have been gaining popularity on a global scale.

Effect Audio Code 51

Effect Audio Code 51

Effect Audio is among the most popular cable brands out there, and many enthusiasts trust their products. It’s no surprise that even industry players such as Empire Ears, Jomo Audio or Vision Ears bundle their monitors with Effect Audio cables.

The Ares II is one of their most successful cables, but when it comes to corner stone products, I think the one that has been the most important to Effect Audio is the original Leonidas cable. This one put Effect Audio on the map of all audiophiles.

Last year Effect Audio decided to release a new and improved version of the Leonidas cable – the Leonidas II. It is the first ever cable in the audio industry to use Palladium plated silver. We have reviewed the successor of the original Leonidas last year and were so impressed, that it has been crowned Best Cable 2018.

This year Effect Audio has already introduced the Leonidas II Octa, the Cleopatra and the entire Vogue series with their new affordable cables. Now EA has launched their new flagship cable – the Code 51!

About Code 51:

The Code 51 is the culmination of ten years cable design. Effect Audio’s tenth anniversary statement product if you will. It consists of multi-sized and multi-bundled strands of Palladium-plated silver, Gold-plated silver and silver/gold alloy wires.

Effect Audio Code 51

Effect Audio Code 51

Unusual for Code 51 is the wire gauge size. Almost all of Effect Audio’s cables come with size 26AWG while the Code 51 uses slightly bigger 24AWG wires. According to them, this change resulted in a massive sound improvement. While the Code 51 is noticeably bigger and heavier than their other four-braid cables, it is still very comfortable around the ear.

Code 51 of course uses Effect Audio’s proprietary EA UltraFlexi insulation for superior flexibility of the cable. They also used a golden-ratio dispersion for their geometry again, which we’ve seen since the original Leonidas back in 2015.

Customers can chose from a wide range of customizations. You can get the Code 51 for 2-pin, MMCX, FitEar, JH Audio 4-pin or even qdc/UE 2-pins. Termination wise you can pick between PSquared 3.5 mm stereo, PSquared 2.5 mm balanced or P-EA 4.4 mm balanced.

You can get the Code 51 through Effect Audio’s webshop or one of their many regional partners for an eye-watering price of 2,388$ US.

Effect Audio Code 51

Effect Audio Code 51


I have not received the full retail packaging of Code 51 as mine is a marketing sample. My Code 51 simply came in a small plastic bag. Paying customers will of course get something a lot more fancy than this.

Effect Audio has informed me, that the Code 51 will come with a similar leather case like the Leonidas II’s. But instead of a patina style case, the flagship cable will come with an Alcantara textured leather case in black colour with red stitches.

There will also be a titanium sticker included. I asked if there are any cable straps or cable binders, but unfortunately there will be none. I see more and more cable manufacturers put that in, and I personally find them very handy.

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  • Reply November 22, 2019


    Thank you so much for this review. I’ve been anxious awaiting firsthand impressions org this impressive cable. I currently use EA’s Horus and have been wondering about upgrading to the 51. Do you have any thoughts on the 51 vs. Horus?

    • Reply November 22, 2019


      Hi Edward,
      thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!
      I did have the Horus two years back for a couple of months, but I’m really not comfortable to make any comparisons based on memory. Sorry.
      Is there any chance you can audition the Code 51 anywhere near your place?
      Cheers, have a great weekend.

  • Reply November 30, 2019


    I’m curious that which player did you for this testing? Also, which player do you recommend for the 64audio A18t or Fourté Noir?

    • Reply November 30, 2019


      Hi Ryan,

      I used the Lotoo PAW Gold Touch and PAW 6000 for this review. They’re also great sources for the A18 and Noir. I’d also recommend the SP1000 and SP1000M, although the M isn’t the best fit for the Noir in my opinion.

  • Reply February 7, 2020


    Thank you so much for the review, I am now currently using 64audio a12t and I am looking for these kind of sound:
    kpop, instrumental
    great detail
    closer sound/ staging ( feels like listening in a studio )
    elastic base
    great separation

    Will this cable be a good fit? If not what other recommendation would you suggest ?

    • Reply February 10, 2020


      Hi Jimmy,
      sorry for the late response. Life’s been crazy.
      The A12t matches pretty well with the Code 51, but one thing’s for sure, it won’t create a narrow or closer stage. Quite the opposite really.
      Also, could you elaborate on what you mean by “elastic” base?

  • Reply May 1, 2020


    Hey Edward,

    I have the u12t, and looking to find the best cable to match it with. Do you recommend the Code 51? or another like the Octa line, etc?

    I love detail and clarity, with great bass, but also want the musicality. For main headphones I use Stellia and Utopia with the arche.

    Thank you!

    • Reply May 3, 2020


      Hi Henry,
      thanks for your comment.
      I don’t have the U12t, but only the A12t. For this one the Code 51 is a very good match. It gives lows more texture and resolution, keeps the mids pretty in tact (only injects very mild warmth) and adds some treble sparkle. It however throws a big scene and stretches further into width and depth. It gives the A12t better layering and imaging. It creates a darker background and gives a very good contrast to the musicians.
      Hope that helps!

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