Elysian Acoustic Labs Pilgrim Review

Today we review the Elysian Acoustic Pilgrim IEM, which sells for $399 USD.


Disclaimer: Elysian Acoustic Labs is not affiliated with Headfonia in any way. The unit was sent to us in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank Elysian Acoustic Labs & HiFiGo for making this happen.

Elysian Acoustic Labs

Elysian is already known for its highly-regarded IEMs, notably the Annihilator which surfaced in 2019-2020 before the 2023 edition came up. We reviewed that one as below:

The brand was founded by Lee Quan Min. Lee began his journey in the audio industry through DIY research and refurbishing an Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10. He eventually expanded his skills to provide re-shell services and create in-ear monitors, receiving high acclaim for his work. While Elysian is not yet widely known in Europe, the brand enjoys significant popularity in the Eastern market.


The Elysian Acoustic Labs Pilgrim is a three-driver universal IEM featuring a 3-way crossover network. The hybrid setup includes one customized LSR Dynamic Driver and two different types of Balanced Armatures. Lee Quan Min, the founder of Elysian Acoustics, personally tuned the Pilgrim, utilizing two distinct types of custom-tailored Sonion Drivers (2300 and E50 series) to maximize the unique strengths of each driver.

The dynamic driver is a custom-made 9.2mm unit featuring Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) technology. Elysian claims that the LSR technology allows for reproducing low frequencies that extend down to an impressive 10 Hz, compared to the typical 20 Hz capability of traditional polyethene terephthalate (PET) drivers.

The Pilgrim’s internal chambers and sound tubes are produced with precision 3D printing, ensuring optimal acoustic performance. The shell is crafted from high-quality aluminium, providing durability and a premium feel, while the bores are made from 304 stainless steel, adding to the IEM’s robustness and aesthetic appeal.

An upcoming version of the Pilgrim, known as the Pilgrim NOIR, is currently available for pre-order from Effect Audio. This version promises further refinements and enhancements, which we will cover soon. You can purchase the Pilgrim from HiFi GO here.


The Pilgrim is packaged in a medium-sized, luxurious and premium box. Upon opening it, you find the earpieces on top right away. The compartment below contains the carrying case, the cable, ear tips, and the cleaning tool. The SpinFit tips provided by the Pilgrim are exceptionally comfortable and add to the overall quality of the product. But they only come in three sizes so that may be underwhelming.

Despite its luxurious and premium appearance, the carrying case is practical and designed to protect the monitors. It is sturdy enough to provide sufficient protection for an IEM of this price range. Overall, I found the Pilgrim’s package to be very nice but things could’ve been improved with a 4.4mm option or more ear tips.

Design & Build

The Elysian Acoustic Labs Pilgrim stands out with its exquisite and fresh design. The luxurious-looking shiny faceplates give it a unique and distinguished appearance, setting it apart from previous Elysian monitors. The IEM boasts a sleek, polished, and authentic look, enhancing its visual appeal.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Pilgrim is durable and sturdy. The shell is of excellent quality and is assembled to ensure longevity. The cable is nicely braided, providing good tensile strength and a pleasant feel. However, the luxurious design has a caveat: the faceplate area is particularly susceptible to scratches and dents. To maintain its appearance, users should handle the Pilgrim with extra care.

One of the notable features of the Pilgrim is its use of P-Ear (Pentaconn Ear) connectors. These connectors offer a more stable connection with less rotation to MMCX connectors, making them less likely to disconnect and easier to attach. However, the IEM socket appears fragile with a single pin on top, so careful handling is advised to avoid potential damage. 

The Pilgrim is a well-built IEM with a luxurious design and high-quality construction. While it requires careful handling to maintain its cosmetic integrity, it offers a durable and sturdy build with no significant flaws in its construction.


The Elysian Acoustic Labs Pilgrim strikes a good balance in size and comfort. Its relatively compact and non-bulky design ensures a nice fit. I found that the SpinFit tips provided with the Pilgrim offer the best comfort and fit, even when compared to other popular tips like Spiral Dots, Final E types, and those from other IEMs. The nozzle length is ideal, ensuring a secure and flush fit in the ears. The compact size contributes to a low-profile and comfortable wearing experience, making it suitable for extended listening sessions.

In noise isolation, the Pilgrim might not be the top performer. However, its comfort level makes up for this, providing a pleasant wearing experience. It’s important to note that comfort can be subjective and vary from person to person. One potential challenge is the nozzle diameter, which is larger than many other monitors on the market. This can make attaching the SpinFit tips a bit tricky. Nonetheless, the Pilgrim delivers a secure and comfortable fit.

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