Elysian Acoustic Labs Annihilator 2023 Review

Today we review the Elysian Acoustic Labs Annihilator 2023 IEM, which sells for $2,999 USD.


Disclaimer: Elysian Acoustic Labs is not affiliated with Headfonia in any way. The unit was sent to us in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank Elysian Acoustic Labs & Effect Audio for making this happen.

Elysian Acoustic Labs

Elysian is already known for its highly-regarded IEMs, notably the Annihilator which actually surfaced in 2019-2020 before this very 2023 edition came up. They’re a boutique brand from Malaysia, and the founder is Lee Quan Min. He began his DIY research, first starting refurbishing an Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10.

He then started providing re-shell services, then making his own IEMs and receiving high acclaim. Although it’s not that well-known in Europe, Elysian is popular in the Eastern market, and I recently reviewed the DIVA 2023, which was awarded as a recommended buy. You can check that review just below: 

Annihilator 2023

The Elysian Acoustic Labs Annihilator 2023 is a seven-driver tridbrid IEM with a 4-way crossover network. Over the original Annihilator model, it has a new metal sound bore design for improved ergonomics, internal wiring upgrade, new packaging and new aesthetics.

Annihilator is one of the monitors that stands the test of time in this fast-paced portable market, and even the original version created serious hype at the flagship level when it came out. Now we’ll see how this 2023 edition goes.

The drivers are spread as 1 x Foster Dynamic Driver, 2 x Electrostatic Tweeter, 4 x Balanced Armature Drivers formation, and we have a four-way frequency crossover network. Elysian also used a new custom strand UPOCC Copper and Silver Litz internal wiring. For the cable, you get a Liquid Links Martini (Silver Palladium + Copper Gold).


The Annihilator 2023 is packaged in a medium-sized box, presented in a luxurious and premium style. Upon opening the box, you will find the earpieces and a compartment below that functions like a drawer. This compartment contains the carrying case and the cable, as well as the ear tips, and cleaning tool. The SpinFit tips provided with the Annihilator 2023 are exceptionally comfortable and add to the overall quality of the product. 

The carrying case is soft, practical and designed to protect the monitors, despite its luxurious and premium appearance. It is sturdy enough to provide sufficient protection for an IEM of this price range. Overall, I found the Annihilator 2023’s package to be exceptional. The only issue, in my opinion, is the size of the case, as it’s not very easy to squeeze the IEM into it with this thick Liquid Links cable.

Design & Build

The Annihilator 2023 is an IEM with an exquisite and sophisticated design. It boasts luxurious faceplates that give it a unique and distinguished appearance. The IEM comes in three alternatives: gold-plated copper mirror finish, spin-brushed titanium, and stainless steel. The titanium option is a bit pricier, while the other two have the same price. In my opinion, all three versions look fantastic in photos. However, the copper mirror version looks equally stunning in person, with its crystal-clear finish adding to its charm. The cable is a perfect match for the design, providing the Annihilator 2023 with a sleek, polished, and authentic look.

The IEM is constructed from high-quality materials, which makes it durable and sturdy. The shell is of excellent quality and put together very well. The cable is nicely braided, has good tensile strength, and ensures its quality. I particularly liked the 4.4mm jack which is incredibly durable.

The Annihilator 2023 comes with P-Ear (Pentaconn Ear) connectors that offer a more stable connection with less rotation than MMCX connectors, making them less likely to disconnect and easier to attach. However, the IEM socket itself looks a bit fragile with a single pin on top, so it’s important to handle it with care. 

Overall, the Annihilator 2023 is a well-built IEM with no significant flaws in its construction.


I’ve been trying out the Annihilator 2023 and I have to say, it fits me quite nicely. It’s a bit bulky and large, so it protrudes from my ears, but the SpinFit tips that come with it make it very comfortable to wear. I’ve tried other tips like Spiral Dots, Final E types and tips from other IEMs, but the SpinFit tips work the best for me. The nozzle length is perfect for a secure and flush fit.

The Annihilator 2023 isn’t the best when it comes to noise isolation, but it’s still better than what I expected, considering its size. However, what I really appreciate about it is how comfortable it is. It fits me perfectly, but keep in mind that this is subjective and your experience might be different. The nozzle diameter is larger than that of many other monitors in the market, so attaching a SpinFit tip can be a little challenging, honestly.

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