ThieAudio Hype 4 Review

Today, we review the ThieAudio Hype 4 Hybrid IEM. It is selling for $399 USD.


Disclaimer: ThieAudio Hype 4 was provided by Linsoul. As always, this review will reflect my unbiased perspective.


Launched in 2019, ThieAudio specializes in the R&D of audiophile in-ear monitors and headphones. As stated on their webpage, their mission is to serve as a creative platform, amalgamating the best engineering teams to oversee the design and manufacturing of high-performance audiophile products.

ThieAudio has quickly established a strong presence in the industry, offering products across a wide range of price points. We’ve written articles about many Thieaudio products in the past and have been particularly impressed with their performance for the asking price. You can explore our other ThieAudio reviews here.

Today, we focus on the Hype 4, a new addition to ThieAudio’s IEM lineup. It is positioned as the mid-range option in the new HYPE series and is priced at $399 USD through and ThieAudio’s official website.

We awarded Hype 10 for its excellent performance, and you can check that review here:

ThieAudio Hype 4 – Six Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

The Hype 4 features a hybrid configuration with two dynamic drivers and six balanced armature drivers, including ThieAudio’s IMPACT² technology. This “Impact Squared” technology uses two 10mm dynamic drivers in a custom isobaric chamber to handle sub-bass frequencies effectively, also used in other Hype models and the Monarch MKIII.

For the rest of the sound spectrum, the Hype 4 employs six balanced armature drivers from Danish manufacturer Sonion, divided equally among super high, mid+high, and low frequencies through a 3-way crossover. The dual ultra-tweeter Sonion E50 series drivers deliver superb treble extension with minimal harmonic distortion, while the updated 26A series drivers enhance the mids with excellent tonal balance and high audio resolution. Although there is no information about the BAs handling the bass, they seem to be the 28UAP series that was used in the Hype 10.

This setup ensures that the Impact² technology exclusively handles the lows, providing a precise isobaric sub-bass response without impacting the mids. The combination of these drivers results in an impressive sound quality that we’ll explore in detail throughout this review.

Specs & Highlights

  • Config: x2 10mm Dynamic Drivers + x6 Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Crossover: 3-way
  • Sensitivity: 105dB/Vrms@1KHz 
  • Impedance: 17Ω@1KHz
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-22kHz

Packaging & Accessories

The Hype 4 is packaged in ThieAudio’s usual medium square box, which looks almost identical to the Hype 10. The outer sleeve highlights the model name and IMPACT² technology. Removing the sleeve reveals a black inner box with the ThieAudio logo.

The contents are neatly arranged within a dense foam compartment inside the booklet-style cardboard box. The Hype 4 IEMs are on the right side of the foam compartment, with the carrying case and accessories on the left. The included carrying case, which was also included with the Hype 2, Hype 10, Monarch, and Oracle series, is spacious enough for a medium-sized DAP and headphones, making it more suitable for bag storage than pockets.

The IEMs come with three pairs of foam and silicone ear tips and a non-modular cable with a 3.5mm plug. The silver-plated OCC cable features a brown outer jacket, chrome plug, y-splitter, and pins. It is a 4-core round-twist style braided cable with molded ear guides. The cable’s build quality is good, and it has a pliable and durable jacket that’ll endure.

Design & Build Quality

The Hype 4 is available in three colors: black, white, and blue. The names may not fully capture the designs, so I’ve included links for each. My review unit is white, though I personally favor the blue for its striking contrast with black.

After products like the Voyager 5, OG Monarch, and OG Oracle, ThieAudio began using medical-grade resin and a standard black shell color. The models occasionally can be purchased with unique designs, such as this white variant. The shell size is average for an 8-driver earphone, but we’ve seen slimmer profiles in all-BA IEMs like the Moondrop S8. The dual DD IMPACT² isobaric chamber necessitates more space, pushing the shell size equal to the Hype 10.

These aren’t small earphones, but ThieAudio’s design is comfortable due to its rounded shape. There’s a vent on the underside, acting as a ventilation port for the acoustic bass chamber, protected by a metal filter to prevent dirt entry.

The nozzle, just over 6mm thick, is ideal for experimenting with aftermarket tips. Many aftermarket tips fit well on this nozzle. My favorites are Nuarl’s BlockEar silicone ear tips, which provide a balanced sound without hindering the bass, and JVC’s SpiralDot ear tips. However, since the ear canal and anatomy vary, it’s best to test different tips to find what works for you.

In terms of build quality, the Hype series reflects ThieAudio’s high standards. This may be the 10th ThieAudio product we’ve reviewed, and their quality control is consistently impressive. The medical-grade resin is tough, and its fair thickness adds durability. As for the fit, you shouldn’t encounter issues even during extended listening sessions unless you have small ears.

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