ThieAudio Hype 10 Review

Today, we review the ThieAudio Hype 10 12-Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors. It is selling for $899 USD.


Disclaimer: ThieAudio Hype 10 was provided by Linsoul for the purpose of this review. As always, the article reflects my unbiased opinion.


Established in 2019, ThieAudio specializes in the R&D of audiophile in-ear monitors and headphones. As stated on their webpage, their mission is to serve as a creative platform, amalgamating the best engineering teams to oversee the design and manufacturing of high-performance audiophile products.

ThieAudio has carved out a solid foothold in the industry in a relatively short time by offering products that cater to a wide range of price points. In the past, we’ve written articles about many Thieaudio products and have been particularly impressed with their performance for the asking price. You can explore our other ThieAudio reviews here.

Today’s spotlight is on the Hype 10, a fresh addition to ThieAudio’s IEM repertoire and the third member of the new HYPE series. It is available for $899 USD through and ThieAudio.

ThieAudio Hype 10 – 12 Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

The Hype 10 is equipped with a 2DD + 10BA driver configuration and features the IMPACT² technology, which is present in all Hype models + Monarch MKIII. IMPACT², also known as “Impact Squared,” works by placing two 10mm dynamic drivers in a custom isobaric chamber, effectively handling the sub-bass frequencies.

For the rest of the sound spectrum, the Hype 10 uses a 10-balanced armature setup. ThieAudio opted for the reliable 31736 drivers from Knowles, recognized for their distinction in treble extension. Additionally, the Hype 10 utilizes Sonion drivers, another well-respected manufacturer in the balanced armature field. Sonion’s E50DT drivers handle the mids and upper mids, while the 28UAP bass drivers assist with the mid-bass frequencies. Managing this complex driver setup requires meticulous planning/engineering and precise adjustment, achieved through the Hype 10’s 4-way crossover and four independent sound bores.

ThieAudio states that they have carefully tuned the elevated bass shelf of the Hype 10 to roll off before 300Hz, ensuring a neutral and balanced midrange for which they have been highly praised. The treble has also been tuned in harmony with the lows to bring additional crispness and airiness to the overall sound signature. Of course, we will verify these claims and evaluate the Hype 10, Headfonian-way! Without further ado, let’s get to the details.

Specs & Highlights

  • Driver Setup: x2 10mm Custom DD + x10 BA from Knowles & Sonion
  • Details: 4-way Crossover, x4 Soundbore Design
  • Sensitivity: 105dB/Vrms@1KHz 
  • Impedance: 18Ω@1KHz
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-40kHz

Packaging & Accessories

The Hype 10 is packaged in ThieAudio’s usual medium square box. The model name and IMPACT² technology are highlighted on the outer sleeve. Sliding down the cardboard sleeve reveals a black inner box with the ThieAudio logo.

Inside the booklet-style box, the earphones and accessories are neatly arranged. The Hype 10 IEMs are on the right side of the foam compartment, while the carrying case and accessories are on the left. ThieAudio includes the same carrying case used for the Hype 2, Hype 4, Monarch, and Oracle series. The case is large enough to hold a medium-sized DAP and headphones, making it more suitable for bag storage than pockets.

The IEMs come with three pairs of foam and silicone ear tips and a modular cable with three interchangeable plugs. The included SPC OCC cable features a modular system with 3.5mm, 4.4mm, and 2.5mm interchangeable gold-plated plugs. This cable shares its aesthetics with the Monarch series, featuring a 4-braid, stranded construction that resists corrosion.

The cable’s interchangeable modular system, similar to a 4-pin mini XLR feels sturdy and durable. The textured, grippy connectors of the removable plugs and the main connector provide a secure grip when changing plugs, preventing unintentional slippage as it requires some force. A small notch on the inside of the plug helps align the correct pins, eliminating the need for manual orientation. The cable’s build quality is quite good. The cable jacket is pliable and durable, so there’s no immediate need to look for upgrade cables. The Hype 10 shares its cable with several high-end ThieAudio IEMs, including the Monarch MKIII.

Design, Build Quality & Fit

After products such as the Voyager 5, OG Monarch, and OG Oracle, ThieAudio began using medical-grade resin, changing the standard shell color to black. The faceplates of the Hype 10 feature a painting depicting a shooting star in the galaxy. Since the faceplates are hand-painted, slight variations exist from one pair of earphones to the next.

The shell size is fairly normal for a 12-driver earphone. They are about as big as Monarch MKIIIs. These aren’t small headphones, but ThieAudio’s shell design is very comfortable due to its fairly rounded shape. There is a vent on the underside of the chassis that acts as a ventilation port for the acoustic bass chamber containing the two dynamic drivers, aka Impact2. ThieAudio has protected the relatively large vent with a metal filter to prevent dirt from entering inside.

The nozzle is just over 6mm thick, which is ideal for experimenting with aftermarket tips. Many aftermarket tips fit well on this nozzle. My personal favorite is Nuarl’s BlockEar silicone ear tips, which give a balanced sound without hindering the bass. JVC’s SpiralDot ear tips are also excellent. Of course, every ear canal and ear anatomy is different, so it’s best to test and find what works for you.

In terms of build quality, the Hype 10 reflects ThieAudio’s high standards. This may be the 10th ThieAudio product we’ve reviewed, and their quality control is consistently impressive. The medical-grade resin is tough, and its thickness gives the IEM extra durability. As for the fit, I don’t believe you’ll run into any problems, even for extended listening sessions, unless you have small ears.


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