FiiO JT1 Review

Today we review the FiiO JT1, an ultra-affordable full-size closed-back dynamic headphone from FiiO, which goes for $69 USD.


Disclaimer: The FiiO JT1 Ohm was sent to me by FiiO. This review reflects my honest opinion as always.


FiiO is a brand that needs no introduction, it is a well-renowned player in the world of audio. In case you’re not aware of them yet, you can quickly visit their store or official website to get acquainted with their line of products. FiiO boasts a vast range of portable audio devices and strives to compete in every field it operates in. 

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FiiO’s latest addition to its lineup, the JT1, stands out as an exceptionally affordable Closed-back dynamic driver headphone. Boasting a 50mm high-performance dynamic driver, this headphone is engineered with a PEK+PU+aluminum polymer diaphragm to minimize distortion, ensuring pristine audio reproduction. Additionally, the use of a brass gasket enhances musical responsiveness, contributing to a more engaging listening experience.

With an average impedance of 32Ω, the JT1 is notably easy to drive, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio sources. Moreover, the inclusion of an OFC copper cable, complete with an inline mic adds functionality and musicality.

You can get the JT1 from FiiO Official Store here.


The headphone arrives in a simple cardboard box, which stores the black-coloured bag fleece. Inside, you have the JT1 headphones and a cable, including the 6.3mm adapter. The package has nothing else, which isn’t surprising considering the price and the low-cost intentions.

FiiO normally includes swappable cable plugs with its headphones, particularly balanced ones, but none of that stuff here. It’s just the headphone and the cable. Don’t ask for anything else!

Design & Build

The JT1 has plastic elements and sleek metal accents combined. Its aluminium yoke leads to a fixed stance, departing from traditional adjustability (swivelling earcups). The metal parts look and feel solid but the inclusion of standard plastic makes the unit a bit cheap in appearance. Yet, it’s admirable to see rigid metal parts in an extremely low-priced headphone, which is nice. 

For changing the earcups, there’s a slot behind/around the cup for installing the pads, which is common practice among many headphone designs. Ventilation perforations atop the cups ensure pressure relief during extended wear.

However, the build quality does not inspire much, but for this price range, it only makes sense. 


Weighing in at a nimble 303 grams, the JT1 provides very good comfort. Considering the driver size and aluminium parts, this is a normal weight.  That’s the weight advantage of dynamic driver headphones, and FiiO coupled that factor with mostly plastic parts, therefore, it’s a lightweight headphone.

Unlike most headphones where you slide the earcups, you only need to slide the headband with the JT1. You can adjust the headband while wearing the headphones because it slides automatically when you apply force to wear them. This is an excellent ergonomic feature that adds to the user’s comfort. The JT1, however, does not have a 3-axis swivelling design as FiiO’s other offerings (FT models). The earpads are made from leather, similar to FiiO’s other offerings. 

Overall I found the comfort to be good, but not great. Especially the earcup size is the problematic part for me, as I think they should’ve been larger and deeper for better comfort. Also, the headband could’ve been wider with less resistance. Also, lacking the swivelling mechanism hurts overall comfort levels, so the fit of the headphone is slightly awkward.


As mentioned earlier, the cable is similar to the FT series, and it’s long enough for use with both desktop and mobile devices, but not excessively long. The cable is of good quality, generally comfortable once you tidy it up using the provided strap, and also features a microphone. The connectors to the headphones are 3.5mm standard, making it easy to replace the cable if needed. Overall, it’s a good choice.

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  • Reply April 1, 2024


    Hi Berkhan, did you consider connecting these to a balanced source? I assume their design should allow to use a balanced cable.

  • Reply April 3, 2024


    Merhaba Berkhan Bey,

    Ofis yada dışarda kullanılabilir mi? Derin bass içeren lo-fi, hip hop ve down tempo müzikler için de kullanılabilir mi? Uzun kullanımlarda ergonomisi nasıldır?

    Normalde ath-m50x, fidelio x2hr, kiwi ears quartet, fiio q11 dac/amp kullanıyorum.

  • Reply April 3, 2024


    They work great with balanced cables.

    These sound better than I think a $69 pair of headphones should. A bit forward sounding. Treble isn’t rolled off to my ears. Bass is interesting, I can see that being a bit overwhelming for some — have an EQ at the ready. There is no contest between this experience and my 2ch rig, but at the same time I’m not mad at these and I do more listening at my desk because they get most things right. It’s different presentation, and I appreciate the lack of fatigue with them. If I want all the extra separation, imaging, layering, enveloping sound stage, I can just sit in front of my stereo setup.

    Now try finding a pair. I received mine from Ali Express on 4/1 and they were out of stock when I tried to order another pair that day.

  • Reply April 4, 2024

    Darrell Ross

    ZEOS says they are great.

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