Review: Final Audio B Series

Final Audio B Series

Build Quality

The best part about this series is that, they all have the same build quality. You get all the same solidness throughout the range with stainless steel shells. They’re rock solid and the weight on the earpieces feels just right. The shells consist two parts which are assembled together with two screws: one on the outer side and one on inside. This makes the IEMs easily serviceable for the long run.

Speaking of the long run, I absolutely loved the design choice inside the nozzles. The nozzle filters are recessed, so there’s less chance that your earwax can block the filters. They’re also easier to clean with this design choice, hence I congratulate Final Audio for this solution.

The MMCX connectors sit very tight with little movement. Rotational movement is also not too easy without any force. The cable itself is very high quality with B1 and B3 models. The braiding is very tight, the L-jack is absolutely fine, and the y-split is very sturdy. The B2’s cable doesn’t impress that much, since it features a very conventional black coating with plastic y-split part together with the L-jack. However I found the jack to be quite robust.

Overall the new B series feel exceptionally good in terms of build quality and premium feeling, especially for B1 and B3.

Final Audio B Series


The angular shape of the earphones is not only for classy looks, but for fit as well. This practical design creates multiple contact points to your ear, making it easier to have a flush and solid fit. I myself confirmed this feature in my trials when I wore all of the models with silicone tips. I didn’t expect fit to be this good with such a shape, but it turned out to be very very nice.

Final doesn’t supply foam tips in the packages, but the silicone tips of Final Audio has great reputation as you may know. In this case, they’re indeed very high quality and they provide a nice, comfortable and flush fit.

I also liked the low profile nature of the IEMs. They feel very natural inside your ears and they don’t stick out. So I think sleepers can appreciate this particular benefit. Additionally, removing and inserting tips is very very easy thanks to the nice inner silicone material. It is soft but strong enough to stick to the earphones’ nozzles at the same time.

Package Content

All of the models have the same packaging with a white box and gold writings on top. When you open up the box you have a silicone type of carrying case and 5 pairs of tips, a cleaning tool and two ear hooks. To me the ear hooks are not necessary but your experience may vary.

With the carrying case, Final Audio has a very different and unorthodox solution. The case is very thin and very easy to carry around, and also the shape is very unique. You turn the case upside down and open it so the logo actually gets underneath, and there you see a cap-like structure. This cap wraps the IEMs below like a small tent when it’s closed, so your IEMs don’t move inside. I found this unique design exceptionally good and practical to store and carry your earphones.

Final Audio B Series

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  • Reply October 22, 2019


    Thanks for the comparison. Wondering how the noise isolation is on the B3? And yeah the naming is confusing.

    • Reply October 27, 2019


      It’s pretty good with the right tips. Sits flush and blocks some noise.

  • Reply April 12, 2020


    If given the option between the B3 here and a Campfire Audio Polaris II, which would you pick? Obviously they are two very different IEMs but which do you favour?

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