Review: Final Audio B Series

Final Audio B Series

Comparisons – B2

vs. FiiO FA7 – 300 $

The FA7 gives a very thick presentation with lots of midbass. The overall bass of the B2 remains subtle to FA7. The FA7 is superior in every area including resolution and transparency. It’s not the best monitor for this price, but it’s still much better than the B2.

vs. Oriveti OH300 – 300 $

The OH300 has better bass, mids and treble all the way. The B2 sounds veiled and too undetailed when you listen to them side by side. The OH300 is the much better value in my opinion

vs. Shozy BG – 280 $

The B3 has better bass than the BG in terms of both quality and quantity. The BG has more transparency in mids and treble with better extension. The BG also performs better in sound stage dimensions and separation. The B3 has slightly better coherency but that’s about it.

Comparisons – B3

vs. iBasso IT04 – 500 $

The IT04 was in our Best Universal IEMs list once, but it was pushed out because of the FiiO FH7. However, it’s still a very nice monitor for the price. The B3 stacks up against the IT04 very well and performs marvelously good. They’re quite similar in terms of presentation, but I found the B3 to be better in a few technical points.

Final Audio B Series

Although the IT04 gives more texture and kick in the bass department, the B3 performs better in terms of mid & treble resolution. It also separates the instruments better with a sharper imaging overall. The sound-stage width of the B3 is slightly better as well. They both fit very nice while the B3 remains low profile with its smaller chassis.

vs. FiiO FH7 – 450 $

The FH7 and the B3 are extremely close in performance, and the personal preferences would be the deciding factor. The B3 is more flat and it has a lower bass quantity. The FH7 brings more kick and rumble to the table with the dynamic driver boost. The B3 has a slightly sharper imaging.

They both have good tonality and good sound-stage, but I think B3 puts more space between the instruments. Technical performances are very close, so it’s up to you to decide whether you will choose the customization features of the FH7 or the fixed flat sound of the B3.

Final Audio B Series

vs. Oriveti OH500 – 500 $

The OH500 has a very different signature with its warm and thick tuning. The B3 is the exact opposite with a very neutral and flat presentation. The OH500 performs better in bass and mids with a wonderful tonality. The B3 gives more extending and articulating treble in my opinion though.

The B3 also has better separation and transparency by a small margin to me. Sound-stage again is slightly wider with more space between the instruments. They both have similar stage depth. The B3 fits better to my ears but that is subjective. Overall it’s a tough choice in terms of technicalities, but an easy choice in terms of sound signature. You can directly go with the B3 for a flat and neutral tuning, and with the OH500 for a tasty, warm and bassy sound.

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  • Reply October 22, 2019


    Thanks for the comparison. Wondering how the noise isolation is on the B3? And yeah the naming is confusing.

    • Reply October 27, 2019


      It’s pretty good with the right tips. Sits flush and blocks some noise.

  • Reply April 12, 2020


    If given the option between the B3 here and a Campfire Audio Polaris II, which would you pick? Obviously they are two very different IEMs but which do you favour?

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