First Look Sunday: Noble Audio Sultan

Noble Audio Sultan

In this preview we take a quick look at the all-new Noble Audio Sultan. It‘s their latest flagship introduction retailing for 2,900 USD.




Disclaimer: this post is part of our First Look series, where we give brief impressions of new products that are in the review queue. A detailed review of the Noble Audio Sultan will come in due course.

About Noble Audio:

Noble is a brand that has been around for many years already. In the past, Noble has made themselves a name for producing some of the finest, if not the finest, crafted custom IEM designs. One of the owners, John Moulton, has earned the name „Wizard“ for making these stunning builds that have often been copied by others. I myself also own four Noble Audio custom IEMs and they all look very nice. My favorite being the Katana, which features a Northern Light design.

Noble Audio‘s product portfolio is quite diverse. They not only make high end universal and custom IEMs but also offer TWS monitors, aftermarket cables and even bookshelf speakers. It‘s a brand to offer the whole package I guess.

Here at Headfonia, we have taken a look at Noble‘s products a lot in the past. And most of them have left us happy. If you want to check out the previous reviews, you can do that here:

Noble is not a company that pushes out one flagship after the other. Or a company that only slightly revises their products. They usually take their time to launch something new. They also did that with the Sultan. Their latest top of the line IEM.

Noble Audio Sultan

Noble Audio Sultan

About Sultan:

The Sultan uses a triple driver technology design. A ten Millimeter dynamic driver takes care of sub-bass and bass, while four Balanced Armatures reproduce mids and highs and a set of two electet/e-stat drivers are used for super highs.

There isn’t much to be found on Noble’s website, as they don’t play the specs game. There are no exact numbers for impedance or sensitivity. Other than an impedance lower than 35 Ohms, you won’t learn much about Noble’s top of the line.

Sultan is available from Noble Audio’s website, or through one of their global distribution partners. It retails for 2,900 USD.

What makes the Sultan absolutely unique, is its design and build quality in my opinion. It is a three piece construction, with anodized aluminum top and bottom. The face plate of the Sultan is an acrylic inlay that features the work of John Moulton. In terms of build I think it’s one of the very best made universals I ever held in my hands. It is beautifully finished and a pleasure to look at. I know, looks shouldn’t matter, but they do to me. On top, the metal shells make sure, that the Sultan can withstand some heavy useage.

Noble Audio Sultan

Noble Audio Sultan


Please remember, that these are just short impressions of the Sultan. I have mostly used the Lotoo PAW Gold Touch and Astell&Kern SP2000 as sources. I am yet to have more critical listening sessions with it. But for now, this is what I could gather.

In a short summary, I’d call the Noble Sultan a well balanced monitor with exemplary low-end extension, lightly forward mids and a clear top section. It features very good resolution and texture, but absolutely shines in terms of depth and layering. While it doesn’t create the widest stages out there, it still reaches good measures. The Sultan is a nicely enjoyable monitor, that does many things right, but might miss out on a unique character for some.

I know, this is a lot less than what you’d like to read here, but why spoil the appetite before the main course? Just circle back here in a couple of weeks, and we will get to the entire good stuff. Promise.

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  • Reply July 12, 2020


    “Nicely enjoyable” for a $2,900 IEM is quite a slap! Looking forward to your full impressions.

  • Reply July 15, 2020


    Pretty good, but this is not all for a $ 2900 headset. Expect full impression!

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