Lavricables Master Line Review

Today, we are looking at Lavricables Master Line aftermarket cables.


Disclaimer: Lavricables kindly provided the cable for this review. I only covered the import taxes and duties. As always, this article reflects my honest, unbiased opinion.


The Lavricables brand was created in 2012 as a hobby by a group of passionate audiophiles. Dissatisfied with the high prices in the audio industry, this group decided to create their own cables. Hailing from Latvia, Lavricables stands out for its use of pure silver wire. Their range of products is remarkable, and they also offer limitless customization options. Their range includes headphone cables, speaker cables, USB cables, interconnects, and more. In this review, we take a closer look at the Master Line headphone upgrade cable from Lavricables.

Lavricables Product Line

Lavricables has divided its cables into 4 different categories. The first and most budget-oriented one is called Reference Line. Reference Line is made of solid-core silver and has a purity rating of 5N. This line-up utilizes Teflon for RFI and EMI rejection. 

Next is the Ultimate Line, which we previously took a look at in this review. This particular range distinguishes itself with a unique cable geometry and a more substantial cable thickness, in addition to various other enhancements that positively impact sound quality. The Ultimate Line boasts AWG24 5N multistrand litz silver wire and, according to Lavricables, has a softer and more pliable cable jacket that effectively eliminates microphonics. The build quality and materials used left us genuinely impressed, not to mention the notable sound improvement. What truly sets them apart is their value for money; it’s rare to find pure silver cables at such an affordable price point, thus placing them in a uniquely advantageous position amongst countless other industry alternatives. Here is our closing statement regarding the Ultimate Line:

Lavricables managed to impress me with their advantageous prices and very good craftsmanship. Moreover, not only the cable quality but also the material quality was far above my expectations. If you are looking for an upgrade cable in this price range, you should definitely check out Lavricables.

Additionally, the Reference and Ultimate Line cables are soldered with Mundorf 4% fine silver audio solder. I actually did build some cables with this solder and I find it easier to use compared to WBT’s %4 silver.

Moving on to the higher on the ladder of the product line-up, the Master Line and Lavricables’ TOTL Grand Line use even thicker, silver cables. Here we see cables with both litz configuration and solid core configuration. Of course, there is improvement in specifications such as purity, wire geometry, and material quality compared to the other two categories. If you’d like to more about the specs, you can do so here.

Lavricables is not one of those companies that have been producing and selling the same cable for years. I checked their blog and found that they are constantly improving and updating their designs based on user feedback and in-house testing. Which is worth mentioning. Now let’s take a closer look at the two product lines we are reviewing today.

Lavricables Master Line

The Master Line-up is Lavricables’ second best that has been optimized to get you TOTL-level of clarity and improvement with a mid-tier price. As I mentioned before, they constantly upgrade and improve the raw materials and geometry they use, so the new Master v3 wire has some improvements over its predecessor and ultimate/reference lines. They state that the new, v3 wire gained significant flexibility improvement as a result of the new double twisted geometry as in the Grand line that looks brilliant. Moreover, it sounds much more refined due to redesigned structure which covers the size and amount of enameled cores and also a small number of patented alloy cores in the middle. Plus, it is now available in sky-blue insulation which stands out from its rivals. After extensive testing on different systems and receiving positive feedback from customers, Lavricables regards the Master Line as advanced cables that can take any equipment as far as it can go.

Lavricables Master Line Pure Silver Headphone Upgrade Cable

Lavricables sent us their Master Silver upgrade cable for Hifiman headphones. I use Edition XS for evaluation purposes because it is positively affected by upgrade cables. My source of choice is FiiO’s K9 Pro ESS and Topping E70V & L70 stack.

Design & Build Quality

The cable arrived in a black, velvet pouch. On the outer side of the pouch, the Lavricables brand name and logo are written in silver font. Just below that, we see a slogan: ‘Hear the difference with pure silver’. Inside the pouch are a small Lavricables sticker and a business card with QR links to Lavricables’ social media and website.

The cable is made from 4 cores of 5N purity silver awg22 multistrand litz wire, which is known for its superior conductivity and resistance to corrosion. The cable feels premium to the touch with its supple and soft insulation that is an absolute delight to handle. The cable looks gorgeous with its sky blue jacket, discerning itself from other silver cables on the market. 

Lavricables work with many suppliers like Viablue, Neutrik, Aeco, etc., and offer limitless customization options. Their own branded connectors feel durable and robust, with their handsome carbon accents. My cable features the Sky Blue insulation color and utilizes Lavricables’ carbon Y splitter, 2.5mm plug, and 3.5mm dual connectors, which are of high quality, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the cable. The cable also comes with a large drawstring carry pouch, a thoughtful addition. This particular cable retails for 389.55$ but the Master Line for headphones starts from around 299$ USD, making it a killer deal among pure silver cables.

In our previous Lavricables review, we stated that we loved the craftsmanship and meticulous, error-free build quality of their cables. We re-highlight this, by saying that once again we are mesmerized by the handiwork of the Lavricables team. My cable is perfect, from its braid spacing and braid tightness to its solder joints and shrinks. 


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