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In the world of audiophiles, the debate over the efficacy of upgrade cables for headphones and in-ear monitors is a contentious one, often splitting the community into two distinct factions. On one side, you have the believers, those who swear by the noticeable improvements in sound quality brought about by these high-end cables. They argue that these cables, often crafted from premium materials, can enhance the audio experience by delivering better micro-details and a different tonality to the sound. This group often includes experienced audiophiles who claim to have the skills to discern these subtle differences and tailor their audio setup to achieve the sound they desire.

On the other hand, you have the skeptics, who argue that any perceived differences in sound quality are inaudible and that the cost of these cables is not justified. They base their arguments on scientific evidence and testing, often citing the lack of measurable differences in audio quality between standard and high-end cables. They argue that any perceived improvements are likely the result of expectation bias or placebo effect.

Despite the heated debates, the popularity of these upgrade cables cannot be denied. They are often seen as a symbol of commitment to the pursuit of the ultimate audio experience, a testament to the audiophile’s dedication to their passion. However, it’s important to note that the perceived improvements in sound quality are highly subjective and can vary greatly from person to person. As the debate goes on, one thing is clear: whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, the world of audiophile upgrade cables is a fascinating one.

As a hobbyist who has been in the field since 2010, my personal experience with cables is quite clear. I strive to be as objective as possible, setting up test conditions evenly and paying extra attention. I currently use two devices actively, especially for testing source devices sent to me. One of them, the Vision Ears VE7, initially did not impress me when listened to with the stock cable. However, after trying an upgrade cable recommended by my colleague Berkhan, I was genuinely impressed. Over the past decade, I’ve had similar experiences, which is why I am open to logical cable upgrades.

So, what is this logical framework? First, if you’re just using your phone and not a good source device (DAC, DAC/AMP, DAP, etc.) and are looking for a cable to improve your favorite IEMs/headphones, I believe this approach is misguided. You should first ensure that you have a good pair of IEMs/headphones and a good source device before considering a cable upgrade. Think of cable upgrades as a bonus on top of that. This has been my approach for the last 10+ years. I respect both the believers and the non-believers in this debate. To each his own. The world of audiophile upgrade cables is vast and diverse, and there’s room for all perspectives.

Master Line Pure Silver Litz with Hifiman Edition XS

The Edition XS is my go-to headphone and I’ve been using it for a long time. It is perfect for cable reviews as it responds very well to cables. The changes it undergoes with different cables are quite noticeable to my ears. For this review, I’ll also include impressions with the iBasso SR3.

The Edition XS comes with a generic, stock cable which I find bassy and somewhat warm, especially in the low region. However, overall, signature-wise, Edition XS sounds clean and dynamic with a good tonal balance. 

Upon switching to the Lavricables Master Silver, several immediate differences become apparent. The midrange takes a step forward, enhancing the articulation and transparency of vocals and mid-centric instruments. This increased detail retrieval is particularly noticeable with guitars, a fact that becomes evident as I listen to my favorite bands daily with the XS. The vocals feel more breathier and spacious. The cable also enhances the upper midrange’s resolution, allowing hi-hats to breathe more freely, especially during complex passages where there are lots of instruments playing simultaneously. 

When it comes to the bass range, the difference is subtle but discernible. Listening to artists like Monolink and Ben Böhmer, the bass quantity is slightly reduced, but in return, it is faster with more impact and less roundness. Switching back to the Metal genre, the accuracy of twin pedals improves with a faster attack and decay, a change that I find to be a significant improvement for the XS. The enhanced PRaT is supported by a slightly more expansive treble range, but the difference is very subtle here, as XS’ treble is already quite expansive. The low-end warmth of the stock cable is absent with the Lavricables Master. Instead, it offers a more neutral, natural, and airy sound, with increased detail and more neutral reproduction.

vs. Lavricables Ultimate Line (199$~280$ USD)

The Lavricables Ultimate Line serves as an excellent introduction to the world of silver cables. It showcases the positive attributes of silver cables, making it a great starting point for audiophiles exploring this realm.

Consider the Master Line as the Ultimate Line, but supercharged. The most significant difference between the two lines is the note weight of the instruments. With the Master Line, the weight and tonality of the instruments feel more natural, enhancing the overall signature and allowing the XS to reproduce sound with better naturality.

In comparison, the Master Line also provides a more airy and spacious sound. It’s as if the Master Line takes the strengths of the Ultimate Line and elevates them, offering a more refined and dynamic output.

vs. DHC Peptide Extreme ($299-ish USD)

The DHC Peptide Extreme, a long-time buddy of mine, is as thick as a towing rope and has a fun if somewhat unwieldy, appearance. Constructed with giant 18 AWG 7-core OCC copper type-2 litz wires, its sound is warmer than a batch of my grandmother’s freshly baked cookies.

Upon connection, the Peptide Extreme immediately amplifies the low end, making it bigger and rounder. It also enhances the bass quantity and oomph, lending a more intimate presentation to the mid-bass. When compared to the Lavricables Master, the Peptide Extreme sacrifices some of the airiness and spaciousness in the sound.

The treble range doesn’t fare as well with the Peptide Extreme, as it tends to reduce the expansiveness and resolution in this region. In contrast, the Lavricables Master, when paired with the XS, offers a more neutral signature and superior technical capability. Overall, while the Peptide Extreme brings a unique warmth and intimacy to the sound, the Lavricables Master excels in delivering a balanced, detailed, and spacious tonality and signature.

Last Words

The Lavricables Master Line cable-line up offers a cost-effective solution for audiophiles looking to get the best possible performance out of their favorite gear. From impeccable craftsmanship to the use of premium materials and limitless customization options, Lavricables has successfully crafted an impressive range of upgrade cables.


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