Kinera Imperial Verdandi Review

Kinera Imperial Verdandi

In this article, we review the Kinera Imperial Verdandi, a quadbrid IEM. It retails for $1,199.99 USD.  

Disclaimer: HifiGO provided the Verdandi IEMs for this review. As always, the article reflects my unbiased opinion.

Kinera Company

Kinera was founded in 2011 as YuTai Electronic Acoustics in Dongguan, China, and quickly discerned itself by developing the world’s first high-resistance 5mm micro-dynamic driver for military hearing aids. Over the years, the company expanded its expertise in audio technology to become a renowned supplier of balanced armature drivers. They hold several patents in driver technology, including bone conduction. In 2016, under the Kinera brand, they launched the IEM BD005, the company’s first hybrid IEM, marking their entry into the consumer audio market. The following years saw the release of several successful models, such as the H3 and the Kinera Sif single dynamic driver, as well as a focus on developing and releasing products that combine innovation with user-centric features.

Kinera has committed significant resources to overseas markets while strengthening its presence in the domestic markets of Hong Kong and China in recent years. Their commitment to research and development is noticeable in their in-house capabilities in dynamic driver technology, enabling them to achieve independence in driver manufacturing. Kinera prides itself on a comprehensive approach to product development, from material selection to final assembly, ensuring high quality and high performance that meets the direct requirements of OEM customers and audiophiles. If you’d like to learn more, you can check out this page.

Kinera Imperial Verdandi Quadbrid In-Ear Monitors

Kinera introduces the Imperial Verdandi, a high-end in-ear monitor that kicks off the 2024 series. Known for its history of innovative audio products, Kinera has equipped the Verdandi with a six-driver quadbrid configuration that combines a bone conduction driver, a dynamic driver, two Knowles balanced armatures, and two Sonion electrostatic drivers.

The Verdandi takes its name from Norse mythology, representing the sister of fate who rules the present. It is crafted with handmade shells using vibrant multi-colored pigments and comes with a premium cable designed by Flash Acoustics. The cable is made from high-purity single-crystal copper with 4N silver plating and features interchangeable 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs for versatility. The Verdandi is available on HifiGO for $1,199,99 USD.

Specs & Highlights

  • 1BC + 2BA + 2EST + 1DD Quadbrid Configuration
  • Handmade & Painted Shells
  • 14-ohm Impedance
  • 105dB Sensitivity
  • 0.78mm 2-pins & 3.5/4.4mm Interchangeable Plugs
  • Flash Acoustics Silver-Plated Monocrystalline Copper Litz Cable
  • AZLA & Final 3rd Party Tips

Packaging & Accessories

The Kinera Imperial Verdandi is packaged in an elegantly designed hexagonal cardboard box; this box style is usually reserved for Kinera’s high-end models. The exterior of the packaging features a star-filled night sky with the model name “621 VERDANDI – HOROSCOPE” prominently displayed in silver, referencing the Werdandi asteroid from the Themis family of carbonaceous asteroids. Which presumably also got its name from the Old Norse Verðandi. On the back of the box is a list of specifications, accessories, and logos from partner brands, such as Knowles and Sonion, highlighting Kinera’s successful product presentation.

Upon opening the box, the user is greeted with a hexagonal leaflet explaining the design philosophy of the Verdandi IEMs. The leaflet is accompanied by a cleaning cloth branded with the Kinera Imperial logo and a thank you card from Cynthia, the Artistic Design Lead, detailing the external design inspiration behind the Verdandi. Beneath these items, the IEMs and their accessories are neatly arranged in an indigo/dark blue EVA foam layout.

The packaging includes premium AZLA SednaEarFit Crystal and Final E-type ear tips, as well as Kinera’s own K-07 silicone tips in small, medium and large sizes. There’s also a pair of Kinera foams present. Each set of tips is selected to provide different audio performance and vary in build material so you have enough options to find your optimal fit. A compact indigo-coloured leatherette carrying case is also included, along with a premium cable from Flash Acoustics. The cable was designed in collaboration with Flash Acoustics, a well-known company designing upgrade cables. The cable features interchangeable plugs 4.4/3.5 and is constructed from silver-plated monocrystalline copper strands featuring a litz configuration.

Available in two color options, HALO (blue) and COSMOS (black), the Verdandi offers slight variations in accessory packs between versions, such as different cable colors to match the IEMs. For example, the HALO version features blue cable accents with gold flakes on the PU jacket, adding a unique touch to the all-around aesthetic.

Overall, the Verdandi provides an exceptional unboxing experience that justifies its price point, maintaining the high standard that Kinera’s fanbase expects.

Design, Build & Fit

The Kinera Imperial Verdandi stands out with its visually striking design, featuring a sophisticated color combination of swirl patterns of black and indigo with occasional gold flakes here and there. The Verdandi is stunning in person, with jewelry-like aesthetics that are both unique and elegant. Despite its lightweight nature, the Verdandi feels remarkably durable, showcasing Kinera’s ability to utilize high-quality resin in its design, which maintains structural integrity without adding unnecessary weight.

The attention to detail in the build quality is evident in every aspect of the Verdandi. The IEMs are meticulously crafted and free from any imperfections. It is important to note here that my unit was a sealed retail unit rather than a specially selected sample. This level of quality extends to the 2-pin connectors and other joint sections where errors usually show themselves. All of these are flawlessly executed with Kinera, highlighting their expertise.

The Verdandi is equipped with a 3-bore nozzle design, where each bore is dedicated to a specific frequency band, bass, midrange, and treble. 

The Verdandi is not a small or even medium-sized earphone. Its substantial size might not suit those with smaller ears or those with a narrow concha width and depth, as its size can lead to a protruding fit even in larger ears. Despite this, its lightweight design, at just 7 grams per side, helps maintain comfort. The selection of ear tips, including premium AZLA SednaEarFit Crystals and Final E-type tips, while generous, highlights a minor challenge with the also large nozzle size, which can complicate the tip-rolling process.

The shell features a protrusion that fits securely in the cymba concha area of the ear, aiding in the stability and comfort of the fit.

Engineering solutions further enhance fit and comfort, such as including three consecutive ventilation/air ports on the back of each earpiece. These ports act as pressure normalizers, effectively eliminating any vacuum effect that can be uncomfortable during extended listening sessions. They likely also serve as ventilation for the dynamic and bone conduction drivers.

My experience with the fit of the Verdandi was quite straightforward: I have large ears with a spacious concha area. I can wear the Verdandi without issues for extended periods, and it is quite comfortable in my ears. I can even run with AZLA tips, as their stickier material holds Verdandi perfectly secure in my ears. But then again, each anatomy is unique.

Overall, the Kinera Imperial Verdandi impresses with its exceptional build quality and stunning design and provides a comfortable fit for those with medium to large ears.

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