Blog: High End Munich 2024 Preview – Part 1

High End Munich. Easily my favorite show of the year! You have all the brands that really matter, lots of new product launches, it has “pro only” days and you get to see all your audio friends again.We already know that most of the Headphone related equipment at the High-End show will be joined together in the World Of Headphones location at the show, but there is plenty more to discover throughout the full Messe building.

For those of you that aren’t familiar yet with the best show of the year, check out our previous show reports here. The HIGH END, the internationally renowned audio exhibition, is the undisputed leader when it comes to impressively setting the tone for top-class music reproduction. It has been providing ideas and impetus for producers, sellers and consumers of high-quality consumer electronics for four decades. On the four days of the event, the entire world of audio experts and professionals gather in Munich to visit hundreds of exhibitors from more than 40 different countries as they showcase their latest innovations in the halls and atriums of the MOC event center.

At the HIGH END 2024, we are celebrating the diversity of high-quality music reproduction with the claim “Diversity in Audio”, underlining the unique range that is presented at the international audio show year after year. 

This year the leading international audio show is hosted from May 9 to 12, with the first 2 days being for pro and business insiders only. There will be 550! exhibitors representing over 1000 brands, so if you don’t find it there, you won’t find it anywhere. I myself will be there mostly for the Pro days on Thursday and Friday, but if you do spot me on Saturday, come say hello and get a Headfonia gadget.

Lots of new products will be launched at the High-End show this year , and we next week will have a dedicated article in which we will announce around 10! new products! Keep your eyes open for that article and make sure to check out those new units at the show or at your local dealer once the time is right.

I can say already that there will be a new audiophile product by Sennheiser this year, but I can’t spill the beans about what exactly it is just yet. I however do want to get in to 2 units already that I absolutely want you to check out at the show. These are products by Auris Audio and SAEQ and you can discover them on the next page of this article.

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