Noble Audio Fokus Pro Review

Noble Audio FoKus Pro

Today we review the new Noble Audio Fokus Pro True Wireless Stereo In-Ear Monitors. It’s selling for $349 USD.


Disclaimer: Noble Audio sent us the FoKuS Pro TWS in-ear monitors for this review. I only covered the import taxes and fees. All thoughts and experiences with the product are naturally my own. You can find out more about the IEMs here.

Noble Audio

Noble is an audio manufacturer based in the USA. They craft some of the nicest looking CIEMs & IEMs in the industry. The founder, John Moulton, also known as ‘The Wizard’, is a meticulous craftsman and I’ve been following his work for quite some time now. My first encounter with Noble Audio dates back to 2014/15. I bought the K10U and Savant in-ear monitors from them. At the time I think the K10 was one of the top 10 in-ear monitors money can buy. Shortly after listening to my K10, a friend of mine had the K10 built as a prestige custom. We were amazed by the aesthetics and the sound. The IEMs were looking magical indeed.

Noble Audio designs and builds aesthetically pleasing products and I really like that about them. John’s attention to detail and material selection is truly unique. I was very happy to see them entering the wireless sphere. I think around 1-1.5 years ago they introduced their first wireless earbuds, the Falcon. Shortly after that, Falcon Pro was released. Throughout the years, we published several articles covering Noble products here on Headfonia and you can check them out by clicking here. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at their latest wireless offering, the FoKus Pro.

FoKus Pro True Wireless Stereo In-Ear Monitors

The FoKus Pro is an audiophile-focused, true wireless stereo in-ear monitor featuring a hybrid design with 2 balanced armatures from Knowles and a custom 8.2mm dynamic driver. Compared to Falcon, John states that the drivers of the FoKus Pro are different. Additionally, the custom dynamic driver’s diameter has also increased from 6mm to 8.2mm.

Just like the Falcon Pro, FoKus Pro features Qualcomm’s QCC3040 Bluetooth 5.2 chipset with AptX Adaptive codec support. As for the design, it features a custom-like 3D printed shell with a wizard’s designer swirl patterned faceplate. I am including the highlights & specs of the FoKus Pro below.

Specifications & Highlights

Configuration: 2 Knowles Balanced Armatures + 8.2mm Custom Dynamic Driver

Bluetooth Chipset: Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth 5.2

Supported Codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX Adaptive

Approximate Battery Life: 7.5H + 3 or 4 Charges

Earbud Battery Capacity: 45mAh

Case Battery Capacity: 500 mAh

Material: 3D Printed Semi-Custom Shell with Custom Artwork 

Features: App Support, Onboard EQ, Embedded Touch Sensor, Master-Slave Switching Function. 

Noble Audio FoKus Pro

Packaging, Design & Fit

The Noble FoKus Pro comes in a long, rectangular, blue, drawer-style cardboard box. The box design is really nice, the features of the device are listed on the side and the back. On the front, the Wizard’s signature catches the eye along with the beauty of earphones. When we slide the cover down, we access the foam compartment where the headphones, case, and accessories are located.

As soon as I opened the box, I noticed the beauty of the 2-color metal charging case. It has a blue and black matte finish and it looks very good up close. At that point, I felt really excited and wanted to see the earphones themselves. I lifted the magnetic lid of the case and there they were. The most elegant set of wireless earphones I’ve seen in a long while. We have covered a lot of TWS earphones on Headfonia but oh boy, these are something special, design-wise. 

First of all, the shell is almost identical to a custom in-ear monitor. It feels like acrylic, it is super slippery and it is definitely not as big as I thought it would be. Secondly, the faceplates are looking fabulous. I’ve always liked the color blue and the swirl pattern, shades of blue shining on the glossy black shell look absolutely fantastic. The Fokus Pro is definitely one of the best-looking earphones that I have in my inventory. The LEDs located under the swirl faceplates have been chosen in a way that will not tire the eyes. Their bluish glow is soft and gentle. As someone who has experienced many wireless earphones that glow at night as if I have a fusion collider in my ear, I am happy with the attention placed on this topic. Apart from that, the matching theme of the case and the earphones are a nice touch. The case complements the earphones marvelously. 

Moving on to the shell, Noble placed the copper charging pins on the center of the inner shell and their location is, I believe, another good trick by Wizard himself. Placing the pins exactly between the cavum and cymba concha means that you won’t feel them while wearing the earphones. As usual, Wizard’s attention to detail is hard to rival. As I mentioned earlier, I expected the shell to be bigger, but it wasn’t the case. I’d even say the shell is tiny for a TWS with a 3 driver configuration and a long battery life. If you remember, Lypertek’s Z7 also offered 3 driver configurations and good battery life, and its shell was quite large. Similarly, we had the opportunity to experience unbelievably large headphones with a single driver. It is quite nice to see Noble manage to squeeze many components into a compact-ish shell.

As for the fit, the FoKus Pro is one of the most comfortable TWS earphones that I experienced lately. I believe I have medium-sized ears and the earphones sit inside of my concha without any discomfort, even during long sessions. I spent quite a bit of time with the unit, I often listened until the battery is completely drained. The passive isolation is quite impressive for a TWS as well. The included tips are very comfortable so I didn’t feel the need to do tip-rolling like usual. 

There is one minor negative about the shell and the case though. The shell of the Fokus Pro is slippery due to the perfect lacquer job and taking it out of the case is hard oftentimes.

The FoKus Pro is the best-looking wireless earphone I’ve ever held in my hands. It does not look like a TWS at all. The Wizard has managed to create a unique, aesthetically pleasing, prestige-like TWS and the build quality is amazing. I don’t have anything else to tell you, you have to experience it yourself.


Let’s talk about the accessories that come with the FoKus Pro. You get a beautiful velvety fabric carrying pouch, 6 pairs of eartips, and a USB A to USB-C charging cable with the unit. The carrying pouch is a great addition, I have so many TWS earphone cases that are scratched during light use and it is quite annoying to see your brand new toys scratched without proper use. This pouch prevents exactly that and I think it should be included in every tws earphones’ packages. On the other hand, the tips included are of good quality but I would have wanted to see foam tips added to the tips collection of the FoKus Pro. Overall, Noble’s high-end TWS offers great quality accessories and good packaging altogether.


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  • Reply March 2, 2022

    Robert Link

    I just bought the Fokus Pro from Noble Audio. I love it so far! The quality of sound is amazing and the price was right! This is an extremely versatile instrument with a lot of very useful features that make it perfect for live performance.

  • Reply November 8, 2022


    Nice review Sir, anyway have you compared to beoplay EX? Wondering which one has sound better.

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