Noble Falcon Pro Review

Today we share with you the review of the $329 USD priced Noble Falcon Pro TWS IEM.


Disclaimer: The Noble Falcon Pro was provided directly by Noble Audio. This review reflects my honest opinion as always.

About Noble Audio

If you’re into portable audio on a high level, then it’s impossible to not have heard of Noble Audio. Noble remains one of the most unique brands in this business, thanks to its incredible designs in terms of custom monitors. They make those with very different materials such as wood and carbon glass. These prestige designs to me are simply a work of art.

The Moulton brothers manage the company; John and Jim. As you probably know, John is the notorious “Wizard” and he is responsible for those artistic and artful designs. I had a chance to meet his brother Jim at CanJam in 2019 and he’s a very nice person to chat with. He has a lovely family as well.

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Noble Falcon Pro

About Falcon Pro

After Noble Audio’s first-ever attempt in the TWS field, the Falcon,  Noble Audio proved themselves about making good sounding TWS IEMs. The original Falcon received praise from me and I recommended it without hesitation.

The Falcon Pro is the flagship model of the Falcon series. Judging by its price bracket, this one has the ambition to be one of the best TWS IEMs in the market. We’ll see how it sounds very soon but it sure has the latest technology inside. Keep reading.

Once again, this TWS is by the hands of Dr. John Moulton, or “the Wizard” as I should call him. He is the body and soul of Noble Audio and the sound of this TWS is tuned by him.

Noble Falcon Pro

The Falcon Pro utilizes the QUALCOMM SoC QCC3040. It operates through SBC, AAC, and aptX codecs. It has a 2BA+1DD setup. The Falcon Pro utilizes the latest generation BA driver “SRDD” by Knowles along with a 6mm Tri-layered Titanium-coated Dynamic Driver (TLT Driver).

One new feature is the “hear-through function” that allows you to hear surrounding sounds while wearing the Falcon Pro. That way you don’t have to remove the earpieces to hear your surroundings. The Falcon Pro also has the latest BT technology with the 5.2 version.


The Falcon Pro has an improved design than the original Falcon with a smaller footprint. The design of the earpieces is perfected with an improved and sharper shape for better comfort. I didn’t have problems with the original Falcon in terms of fit, but this one definitely improves the overall experience. The improvement looks subtle at face value but it is actually substantial. It’s definitely a refined version.

Anybody who saw the original Falcon was impressed by the first appearance. That is also the case for the Pro version. The harmony of black and deep blue color is gorgeous. The “faceplate area” is more like a classic IEMs now with a sharper impression. The famous Noble logo is on top again, but this time it doesn’t light up. This was one of the coolest features of the Falcon to me. I’m sure there’s a technical reason behind it.

Noble Falcon Pro

The case is completely redesigned. The earpieces now sit in an angular position inside and there’s more room for different ear tips. This wasn’t the case with the original Falcon. Now you can even use SpinFit tips and they will still fit into the case. The case also looks more premium with its shiny lid. The previous case was smaller but I pretty much prefer this one since it feels much better in the hand and it offers a better user experience. A reset button is added inside the case as well for resetting the earpieces swiftly.

Noble also released the Falcon 2 model which has the same case like this one. The earpieces remain the same.

Build Quality

The quality of the earpieces is very satisfying overall. I especially liked the sturdiness of the nozzles and the rest of the two-piece shell feels very very tough. The Falcon also has an IPX5 rating against moisture and water. This is a comforting spec since a lot of people -including myself- use these types of wireless gear while doing sports activities.

The original Falcon and Falcon 2 has a higher IPX7 rating. The difference between these ratings is not critical for this kind of usage. After all, you’re not going to dip these in your pool or try to listen to them while swimming.

I’ve used the original Falcon while running, lifting, and other activities. At one time I was under some rain in the middle of my running exercise on track and nothing happened. I haven’t tried the Falcon Pro in these conditions yet, but I have no doubt it will offer the same protection since IPX5 is enough for these types of activities and circumstances.

Noble Falcon Pro

I didn’t fully like the build quality of the case of the original Falcon. The magnetic lid feels a bit flimsy on that one, especially when you compare it to the quality of the earpieces. I commented that the lid could’ve been more solid with a tougher and thicker build like the rest of the case. That’s exactly what Noble has done with the new case. And I think that’s why they renewed the Falcon and released the Falcon 2 with this case.

The case is built much better in every way and it also feels a bit heavier (in a good sense) so the feel and impression are also much better. I predicted an improvement in terms of the case design, and it indeed happened. Now the Falcon series has the case that is worthwhile.

The review continues on PAGE 2 with user experience and operation.

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