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It is in our best interest as a review site to maintain objectivity because that’s the only thing that we got to defend the Headfonia name by. Once that reputation of objectivity is gone, so will our reputation as a review site. Hence it only makes sense that we do our best to write an objective review.

Of course that fact can also be used to attack us by people who hold negative sentiments toward us. And that is very easy to do, as the comment posted by CSC proved.

Guys, I am not talking on the basis of honesty, because that word by itself has lost its meaning these days. But as a reviewer, I now exactly that writing biased reviews would be a straight suicide for the website, so I really wouldn’t try to do that at the slightest bit.




  • Reply August 5, 2011



    I think I speak for many people when I say that your honest opinions, based on objective observations is the reason we come to your amazing website time and time agan. It is also understandable that manufacturers/resellers are not going to be happy with your genuine opinions if they’re not positive about their products or service. Can’t please everyone – nor should you try.

    Thank you for creating this wonderful resource where the headphone community can visit to read the consistently informative and refreshingly opinionated view of a person with a defined perspective. Really, there should be a membership subscription option for additional content which would give people a way to thank you for your time and effort with this amazing site.


    • Reply August 6, 2011


      Is this my split-personality writing?

      Just kidding. Thanks for the kind words, Mike. Those sort of encouragements keep me going.



  • Reply August 24, 2011

    Rūdolfs Putniņš

    Hi, Mike!

    I think that you should not be afraid of being subjective because you can’t be entirely objective. If you would like to be entirely objective then just post the output measurements of a given product, compare them to the specifications and be done with it. If the measured data fall within the specs then all is well and the product is good or not defective. But I think that it’s not what most of us want to hear. At least that’s not all I would want to hear.

    Some say that opinions are like armpits- everyone has at least one and they all stink. I beg to differ that not all of them stink, at least all armpits don’t stink the same. And judging by the number of gear you have had been acquainted to, your opinion must have some weight. In other words- you have an informed opinion. If a reader knows how equipment X sounds to you (especially if he has X) then he can deduce how gadget Y will sound to him based on what’s your opinion about it.

    All I’m saying is that you and the readers must be aware that it is essential for every review to hold some subjective information. Otherwise it will be dry and uninteresting to everyone but engineers. And as far as I remember we are here for the music. There’s no denying that I absolutely love the wood enclosures of the LCD-2 and the fact that it’s a brilliant concoction by two guys in a garage but it’s the way you, reviewers say it plays music that will make me limit my cuba libre intake to save up the money to get one.

    So keep up the good work in maintaining the subjectivity that complements the objectivity.

    All the best,
    Rūdolfs “RudeWolf” Putniņš

    P.S. Check out Arthur Salvatores page A must read for anyone reviewing anything or reading reviews.

    • Reply August 25, 2011


      That’s a very good write up, Rūdolfs and I just found out that RudeWolf on Twitter is you.

      Thanks for the encouraging words. I guess you’re right, only a robot can be entirely objective. 😉

  • Reply December 5, 2011



    When testing devices and equipment, how do you discern differences? Do you use ABX or DBT?

    • Reply December 5, 2011


      Hi Anon,
      Sometimes the differences are obvious. Sometimes blind test are needed.
      Double blind test are good for those cases when you have doubts whether something really makes a difference or not because placebo is very real.

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