New Server, New Design, and More

If you’re reading this, then Headfonia has been moved to the new server. We are paying more for this one, and it does come with a “High Volume” specifications to accommodate more requests at one given point in time. The old one would go down at random times for several hours period, because there were too many requests being made at one given time, and the old server couldn’t handle it. Hopefully we’ll get better reliability with this one.

Also, the layout is new, and I hope you’ll enjoy this layout more than the old one. What I didn’t like about the old one is how the bad navigation system tends to “bury” old reviews. This one has a much better navigation, and so browsing through it should be a joy. I still haven’t finished doing the thumbnails on all the images, so some thumbnails might not display correctly.

Just something to look forward to, there are several reviews that we are working on:
Sennheiser’s PX100-II compared to the PX-100
AIAIAI’s Tracks headphone
Audinst’s HUD-MX1 entry level DAC with built in headphone amp
Nuforce uDAC’s popular entry level DAC

We are also working on some articles on Electrostatic headphones:
Electrostatic 101 – some sort of a newbie guide
SR-Lambda vs SR-Lambda Pro. Two famous vintage STAXes.
SR-404LE. The hottest STAX lambda at the moment.

That’s it for now. Enjoy the new navigation and take a look around, I’m sure you’ll discover an old review that will interest you.

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