Picture Sunday: iBasso IT01

iBasso IT01
Disclaimer: Today’s Picture Sunday post features the iBasso IT01, the 100$ entry-level IEM from iBasso. To check out our latest Picture Sunday posts click here.


Just like FiiO, iBasso is one of the brands that started to produce IEMs in recent past. Before the iBasso IT01, their IT03 was a big hit, and I myself can confirm it’s indeed a fabulous IEM with a great fit and sound performance. Sadly, we don’t receive any samples from them and we can’t figure out why. I really liked the IT03 in my limited listening session with it.

How I obtained this model then? Well, thanks to my network in Turkish Audiophile Community, I managed to convince a friend to give me his for some time. I hope we can receive future samples directly from the brand though.

iBasso IT01

iBasso IT01

After the IT03, there came the iBasso IT01. This is a 100$ in ear with a single dynamic driver, which developed by iBasso themselves in-house. iBasso claims this driver is fast, efficient and the resolution is on a high level thanks to their efforts. The driver uses a graphene diaphragm, and because it’s so thin, it allows a great level of speed, precision and low distortion altogether.

This IEM is a little monster in my opinion. This could be the best IEM I listened to in this price level. All I can do is congratulating the guys who were responsible for developing this earphone. Everything I look for in a satisfying sound reproduction exist in the IT01. It’s quite amazing to hear this sound quality for 100$.

I will share my full impressions on its dedicated review in near future, as I’ve already taken my notes. I suppose I’ll add it to our Universal IEM Recommendations. We can kick out some models up there so stay tuned on Headfonia!

iBasso IT01

iBasso IT01

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