Picture Sunday: MITER Cases

This week’s picture Sunday features the Miter leather cases. To check out recent Picture Sunday Posts click HERE.

Leather cases for DAPs and amps. Who doesn’t love them? Lately the higher end units and even the mid-fi units such as the Fiio X5iii have been supplying complimentary leather cases with their units. Others, like Chord with their Hugo, offer it as a paid option.

Supplying a leather case is one thing, but the quality of the leather cases isn’t always the best. Some companies, such as Luxury & Precision, always have the very best leather cases and others like Astell&Kern, have really good quality. Unfortunately not all supplied leather cases are of good quality and that’s where the aftermarket cases come in.

One of my favourite brands for aftermarket leather cases is MITER. I first found out about them on Instagram but they’re often being talked about on Head-Fi as well. In today’s featured picture you can see their latest Mojo case which has magnets on the back so that you can stick it to their AK70 case without using straps.

MITER has these kind of cases for the most popular DAPs, phones and amps. One of their most famous cases probably is the one which keeps the AK380 and the AK amp in one case. I myself use the MITER cases for the Mojo, the Fiio X5iii, the AK70, the AK380 and the DX200.


The MITER cases can be found on Amazon. Of course there are many other case makers, I just happen to like this one as they have good quality leather and they’re still very affordable.

Do you use leather cases for your gear? Which ones do you like?

Picture Sunday: MITER Cases
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    Like the Dignis cases. Have them for the Cayin N5, and Fiio X3ii and X5ii. Sadly don’t see anything from them for the X5iii. Maybe I’ll try a Miter…

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