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Disclaimer: I received the Aumeo Audio Device free of charge, in exchange for this review. The price is 199$ USD for Aumeo. To get more information about the device, check their website here.


After reviewing many IEMs I now have a very different product I want to introduce you to: the Aumeo Bluetooth Audio Device. A very interesting product in terms of idea and although it may not be a device that audiophiles deeply desire, it still can be very popular among the people who listen to their music through their smartphones.


Aumeo is basically an equalizing device that alters the sound. Of course you may well ask “why would I need a 199$ dollars worth equalizer?”. The answer is simple: Because it alters the sound by directly measuring your ears’ sensitivity. Thus, it provides you a customized sound. That’s what Aumeo is all about.

Everyone is different. Some people need more bass, others need more treble. Because like our other sensory organs, no two ears hear the same. But your headphones don’t know that.

The whole thing is tailoring the sound to your hearing sensitivity, so you won’t need cranking up the volume too much and you will hear a better sound for you, you won’t miss the details, you will hear the flattest response, claims Aumeo. But practically, is it really applicable? Let’s see how it goes and whether it really works or not.


Aumeo measures the sensitivity of your ears individually over a range of frequencies, and modifies the sound over specific areas. It works by applying many filters digitally within the DSP inside. What makes it different from normal EQ is that they have audiologists in their team to actually recommend the ways in compensating, instead of “purely engineering” the filters.

The thing is, people sometimes listen to music on high volumes because they want to hear the song better, especially on crowded places. What you can do with Aumeo is realizing your ears’ sensitivity to certain frequencies. Then boosting that spesific frequency that you can’t hear good enough, instead of boosting the whole spectrum. In the end, you get a unique customized sound and you will protect your ears.

Clinical trials involved over 7000 people to verify this method.


The steps to achieve the specialized sound are very simple: First you need to download “Aumeo Hub” application from Play/App Store and create an account. Then you need to turn on the Bluetooth on your phone or player, then connect Aumeo to it.

After that, you need to go through a measuring process inside the application. The device will give you specific beep sounds on 8 different frequencies to test your hearing. You start from a very low frequency and you go all the way up to the highest tone. To be exact, the frequencies are as following; 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1,000Hz, 2,000Hz, 4,000Hz, 8,000Hz, and 12,500Hz.

What you do is lowering the volume until you can barely hear the sound on every frequency. You need to do that for both of your ears. After the process finishes, you attain a profile for your ears. You save your profile with a name that you choose and you don’t have to run the app after the process. The profile loads into the device and Aumeo makes the specialized DSP adjustments for you.  You can repeat the procedure if you use other set of headphones/earphones to have different profiles.

The process is easy and doesn’t take much time. After the first one you learn to use it easily and do it very quick. The software is very simple to use, and you can save multiple sound profiles to your account. That’s a nice feature to have, so that you can download and use your profiles on other devices or you can make profiles for your friends and family etc.

I recommend you to be in a quite place for the process.

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    Marc Wallenstein

    How do I use my Aumeo with my Chord Mojo?

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