Review: EartechMusic Quad – A Perfect X-Mas Gift

Disclaimer: The EartechMusic Quad was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review, together with the Zephyr cleaning tool. They don’t need to be returned



I’m pretty sure EartechMusic doesn’t ring any bells with a lot of our readers. In all honesty I didn’t know them either until I found out about them on Instagram. For some reason we got talking, one thing lead to another and here we are reviewing their Quad monitor.

EartechMusic  is a US based custom in-ear studio dedicated to making quality and affordable in-ear products for musicians, sound engineers and audiophiles. They actually started as a collaborative effort within their parent company: Ear Technology Corporation. Combining over 40 years of experience in the hearing industry with the technical expertise of their staff, they have developed a quality in-ear product line as an affordable alternative to the products offered heretofore in the market.

EartechMusic’s products are designed specifically for the needs of on-stage and working musicians who have been reluctant to purchase monitors due to the high cost. They believe their competitive pricing will finally allow musicians, as well as audiophiles and music lovers, to obtain the same high quality audio experience at a much lower price.

EarTechMusic Quad

The Quad actually is their top of the line model but they also offer a dual and triple driver monitor. The Quad logically has 4 drivers (2 low, 1 mids, 1 treble) with a two-bore-system and a 3-way passive crossover. Like most other customs it “offers” a 26 dB ambient noise reduction. I actually sometimes use my ciems as hearing protection. Like when I forgot my SpyderStyle powerbank at home and my DAP runs out of juice, I still tend to put them in on the train, just to hear less “noise” (I love sleeping in the train!)

Quad Driver
Frequency Response 12 Hz – 18 kHz
Impedance 12 Ohms
Sensitivity 112 dB SPL/mW @ 1kHz
Noise Isolation -26 dB


According to EartechMusic, the Quad offers a powerful bass response while maintaining an excellent balance of mids and highs. It’s said to be especially popular with bass players & drummers and EartechMusic describes the Quad as a dynamic combination of power and clarity.

The Quad is my second pair of 4-driver customs, the other one being the Cosmic Ears CE4P. (see comparisons). EartechMusic only makes acryl monitors.


Just like I do with all my other custom monitor reviews, I will be going over the next topics:

Build quality & Comfort


Price & Accessories

Customer Service



Driveability & Sources



Let’s get started!


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  • Reply December 2, 2015

    George Lai

    Yes I do like symmetry 😉

    Good to hear that you now have two 4-drivers to choose from.

  • Reply December 23, 2015



    Have you heard the Cosmic ears ce3p? If so, how does it compare with Eartech quad? Its the same price in my country.

  • Reply March 13, 2016


    Hi Lieven, thanks for the great review(s)!

    How does the ETM Quads compare to the Ei.3 and RSM? I have tried the Ei.3 before, but not the others.

    • Reply March 13, 2016


      It’s been a very long time since I listened to the Ei.3. The CA has more bass focus while the ETM is is more neutral. I’d say the quad is best of these 2

      • Reply March 13, 2016


        I see. Is the difference in overall quality a lot? The price differs by ~145USD here.

        • Reply March 13, 2016


          bass vs linearity. the quad is the best technically

  • Reply June 5, 2017

    K.I. Unlimited

    Hi sorry for the necro. How would these compare to the Jomo’s?

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