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Disclaimer: Effect Audio has been a site partner for a few years now, the Effect Audio Lionheart demo cable was sent to us in for review. The Demo version will be returned to Singapore.

Effect audio

Effect Audio is an aftermarket cable company located in Singapore that over the last few years has grown from a starter to one of the tone setters and innovators in the sector. We’ve reviewed a series of their cables here on HFN over the years but I use several of there other cables which I never reviewed, like their Audeze to Hifiman and Audeze adapters. My favourite ciem cable actually is one of theirs as well, and if you’ve been reading my reviews you already know it is the excellent Leonidas cable with a balanced termination.

In 2009, Effect Audio was founded to meet the needs of a niche segment of the audiophile and music industry professionals market. Each cable undergoes precise fine-tuning and testing and their goal is to deliver quality value-for-money options. Effect Audio aspires to become the leading expert in the sound industry, especially where upgrade cables are concerned, bringing reliable and trustworthy information to their customers.

The cable we will be looking at today is the Lionheart, their latest addition to their expansive line-up. For now the Lionheart is available in limited quantities and it is available on pre-order only.


Lionheart is part of the Heritage cable series Effect Audio launched when they introduced the Leonidas cable to their line-up. As said the Lionheart cable for the moment is only available in pre-order. All the Heritage cables are named after famous warriors, we had Leonidas (Sparta) and now we have Lionheart (King Richard I).

From EA’s cable description we learn the following:

Following the erratic and creative designing ideology of “Heritage Series”, we went back to the drawing block and started from scratch, forgetting everything we’ve ever learnt. We went back into sourcing new materials, and for this case we tested out at least 8 different kinds of non-audio industry specific “Copper” before settling upon a specific “Copper” that serves as a core catalyst for “Lionheart”. It’s by a far margin, the most beautiful, powerful and natural sound we’ve heard in a copper, however not optimized… therefore, we made some in house tweaks…

Geometry / Design makeup Geometry : (7) Multi-Bundled

Materials : “EAGold Plated Copper” & “EASilver Plated Copper”

Insulation : EA UltraFlexi

“EASilver Plated Copper”
To achieve absolute swiftness in sound while having that natural organic sound, the very same category of scarce silver that “Leonidas” is made of , is employed in a generous calculated plating of the Copper.

“EAGold Plated Copper”
Whereas, the sweetness and seducing vocals that “Mars” was famous for, were incorporated by applying a plating of the same grade of gold as “Mars”.

Lionheart is a statement product of Effect Audio: a manifest of their best efforts & success examples thus far. What is especially interesting is that this cable was actually developed in an official cooperation with Oyaide. The Lionheart is using a PSquared plug which has precious metal plating using rare Palladium and Platinum which is supposed to improve the sonic performance. These special plugs have the green “lines” on the 3.5mm connector.

I have to say I was quite skeptical when Effect Audio sent me all the information so in order for me to really hear the difference they sent me an extra Lionheart cable using their regular plugs for comparison.

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  • Reply May 24, 2017

    ็EA's fan

    Could you please help compare between Lionheart and Thor II+? I’ll use with A12 which one you suggest to use with?

    • Reply May 24, 2017


      Tor Silver II+ has more clarity and is very clean
      Lionheart is somewhat thicker being copper based and is excellent for depth. It depends on the sound you like most. Personally I find Leonidas to have the best of everything

  • Reply July 20, 2017

    Quang Anh Pham

    do you think the sound signature of lionheart can fit well with Andromeda. Since I would like to boost sub-bass and mid and smooth out tress

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