Review: Effect Audio Thor Silver II+ : Clarity

Last time – with the Eros II+ cable – I complained a little about the size of the cable-splitter and the length of the cable from the Y-split up to the earphone and it looks like Effect audio listened. The new cable came with a mini version of the big splitter and it’s a huge difference weight wise. It no longer pulls the cable down when your using it and because of this and the shorter length after the splitter, the cable simply is more comfortable to use, even under your shirt.

We’ll get to the part on sound in a bit but I can already say that this new Thor Silver II+, together with the EA Leonidas, now is my favourite cable to use with my customs and the ProPhile 8.

Compared to my original Thor Silver cable, which unfortunately for this review has an Audeze termination, this new one cable is more flexible and feel softer. It just reflects quality and luxury more than the original one.


“Offering more balance, more staging and more vocals allure together with its new cable geometry design, Thor Silver II+ is not your usual Pure Silver cable”

It’s a shame that my original Thor Silver is terminated for use with Audeze headphones, that makes it kind of hard to compare the sound signature of both cables. What I like most about this cable is that it almost disappears when you’re using it, the cable is so comfortably and light (for an aftermarket cable) that it never bothers you when you’re on the go. Sonically, its major strength is the incredible clarity, precision and cleanness. In contrast to most of the silver cables that just increase treble presence (which this cable also does), this cable does a bit of everything. Without influencing the bass, mids or treble “body-wise” it makes everything more precise, tight and clear. Yes the treble section is where you’ll notice most of the difference but using this cable really clears up the whole sonic spectrum and ads a layer of microdetail over it. It does all that effortlessly and it never sounds forced or unnatural, au contraire.

That makes it a cable you can use on all ear- and headphones and not only on those dark treble units as you’d think.  I’ve been enjoying the Thor Silver II+ with the Jomo Audio Samba and even with the Inear ProPhile 8, which is know for it’s excellent clarity and precision.

The Thor Silver II+ doesn’t make your sound warmer or delivers it with smoothness. It’s a high end cable that brings you improved clarity, precision, detail and all that in the fastest possible way. Don’t take fast for aggressive as it isn’t the case at all, sound is very natural and easygoing, never shrill or harsh. I think this cable would be the perfect cable for my oBravo EAMT-1A but unfortunately there’s no such thing as a 2-pin to MMCX adapter in my collection just yet.

Looking at the build quality, materials used and how this cable sounds with a multitude of earphones , I can only once again conclude the Thor Silver II+ outperforms its price level. I actually expected this cable to cost as much as the Leonidas from their Heritage series but this little gem “only” sets you back $359. If you’re looking for a beautiful and perfectly built, affordable aftermarket cable that brings you the best clarity upgrade I have ever heard from a cable, than head over to the Effect Audio website to order one.


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  • Reply August 12, 2017


    perfect companion for my oriolus v2

  • Reply November 29, 2017


    It is not $359, should be $569.9.
    A lot more expensive

  • Reply March 22, 2018


    Price is now up to 900$

  • Reply May 26, 2019


    Why is it getting more expensive by the hour?

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