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Empire Ears Legend X


Custom Build Choices (Personalization):

To me a custom in ear monitor is a very personal thing and designing a new monitor is one of the toughest chores that comes with a new CIEM. Very helpful during that process is a good designer tool. Empire’s tool is quite good at showing you what your new toys can look like. In four steps, you can easily create what you like.

Empire gives you a load of choices for standard colours to pick from. There are translucent and opaque shells in different colours to pick your poison from. When you go over to designing your faceplate it doesn’t get easier, as there not only are standard colours but also Premium, Signature and Limited materials, these come at an up-charge and will affect the price in the end. Yet these sure make your CIEMs more special.

Under Premium designs you will find options like wood, carbon fibre or luxurious swirl designs for your faceplate. In Signature, you are able to pick from a big number of different printed faceplates. These can have monochrome design, a faceplate inspired by the painting “Starry Night”, skulls, modern art or a blue PCB. All these options are very unique and definitely won’t make it easier for one to come up with something for your CIEMs.

If you want your new Empire Ears custom to be even more unique than just shaped to your own set of ears, you can throw in a limited-edition faceplate in Blue Burl wood. This limited edition is available at the time of writing but might not be when you read this review.

Empire Ears Legend X

Empire Ears Legend X

Now we get to logo placement. You can either get the Empire Ears full wing logo (see my design) or the simple facing EE logo in silver or gold on the faceplate. Alternatively, you can also get Swarovski crystals or your own logo printed on top of your CIEMs. You can place your logo at the desired position, rotate and scale it as you wish.

But wait, there’s more!
Not only can you customize your set of monitors, but you can also select the termination of your supplied Effect Audio Ares II premium cable. You can select between 3.5 mm stereo, 2.5 mm balanced and 4.4 mm Pentaconn balanced plugs. As a final step, you can also have customized engraving on your protective case.

Show me another manufacturer that offers you this kind of flexibility. I am amazed with what Empire offers their customers.

I wanted my Legend X monitors to emit class and style, so I went with a full black shell and faceplates with gold full wing Empire Ears logo on top. My Ares II cable is terminated to a 2.5 mm balanced plug.

Empire Ears Legend X

Empire Ears Legend X


Empire goes the extra mile on development and on customization. It doesn’t come as a surprise that even their packaging is oozing of a premium feel.

You will receive a sturdy, black cardboard box that has a prominently placed and exalted silver full-wing logo on top. Flip it open to be greeted by a lot of content for a CIEM. There are branded pouches and IEM bags as well as a branded cleaning cloth.

In the box you will also of course find an Aegis protection case that is customized to your order. This exact case beholds your new monitors in them, safely stored in a padded interior with separate rooms for each earpiece. Everything has its place in the cut-out padding. The left and right earpiece, the cable and even the cleaning tool. It’s this exact eye for detail that makes other solutions look amateurish. This case has become my personal favourite and I use it all the time. Even for monitors not made by Empire.

Empire Ears ships all of their monitors with Effect Audio’s Ares II cable. This cable is regarded as one of the best bang for buck solutions if you’re looking for an upgrade cable to lift your monitors to new heights. It is a 26 AWG UPOCC Litz Copper cable, braided out of four wires. It is nicely portable and comes with a preformed ear hook.

Empire Ears Legend X

Empire Ears Legend X

Build Quality:

When I first took out my Legend X I was very surprised by the weight these monitors sport. They are considerably lighter than any other of my custom in ears. The monitor itself is perfectly finished, with no sharp corners or glue-residue near the face plate closing or 2-pin sockets. The sockets are slightly recessed to give the 2-pin connection a more secure sit. The faceplate is finished very well, yet has a slight bump on the right sided top. The nozzles are a tad longer than most of my other CIEMs. Empire uses a horn, or open-bore design where you can see the ends of each tube. When you inspect the Legend X’s shell, you will notice that there are three holes in the housing. These holes are pressure outlets for the dynamic drivers.

When it comes to fit the Legend X amazes. It is super comfortable and doesn’t put any pressure on my canals. When I take them out, that’s all I notice, there is no pressure relieve as there has been no pressure. Breaking the seal can be noticed by the crackling sound of the dynamic drivers flexing (aka “driver flex”). That one you will also hear when you insert or take the Legend X out. That’s a completely normal behaviour for dynamic drivers, and since there are two in each side, you will hear a double plop.

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    • Reply June 12, 2018


      Thank you for the review, it’s very helpful. The Legend X ought to be on my short list except there’s one feature missing: What happened to ADEL? Admitedly I haven’t been active on HF lately so I must have missed out on essential information in this regard.

      • Reply June 12, 2018


        Hi Jobbing,
        thanks for your comment. The Legend X should be on your shortlist, it’s a great monitor. 🙂

        In regards to ADEL, Empire Ears was not able to achieve the soundquality they wanted for their new lineup with it.

    • Reply October 15, 2018


      Thanks for the great review! Do you think this is an endgame CIEM that you could get and never buy another CIEM again?

      • Reply October 16, 2018


        Hi Jonathan,

        thanks for stopping by and your comment.

        I don’t know if it’s endgame for anyone, but I know at least two people personally who speak of the Legend X as their perfect C/IEM. Both have auditioned them and fell head over heels in love with them.

        All depends on your personal taste in the end.

    • Reply October 28, 2018


      Thanks for the excellent review. I had a question regarding your Hugo2 setup. Hugo2 does not have balance inputs so wondering if you are using an adapter with 2.5mm cable? If so, does it degrade the audio? Thanks again!

      • Reply October 28, 2018


        Hi Tim,

        thanks for your comment.
        Well spotted, yes I am using adapters. In my experience bad adapters can degrade the sound, that’s why I am using some from Effect Audio, PlusSound or Double Helix Cables. These don’t harm the signal. I fully recommend getting proper adapters if you are after one.

        In German there is a saying, I don’t know if it also exists in English, it translates to this: If you buy cheap, you buy expensive.

        Quality is important.

        Hope that helps.

        Have a great Sunday!

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