Review: Hifiman RE-2000 and RE-800 – Silver

Bundle and Comfort


Inside the box

Hifiman RE-800

  • the Hifiman RE-800
  • a small case to carry your IEM
  • a full set of tips to fit all your need
  • a few docs about your new IEM and a nice leaflet

Hifiman RE-2000

  • the Hifiman RE-2000
  • a metal case to carry you IEM
  • a box with the cable and the 2-pin adapters
  • a box full of tips
  • a pretty nice leaflet about Hifiman history and product range 

There is not much to be said here, the bundles are pretty simple but they are In-Ears so you won’t need anything more than tips and a cable. If Hifiman provides a huge set of tips on both IEM, I’d love to have a little leaflet explaining the difference between each variation, like FiiO does with the FH5 (vocal, bass, neutral, bass, etc)



The Hifiman RE-800 Silver and RE-2000 Silver are complete opposites in this regard. The RE-800’s small case and straight cable make it both easy to plug in your ear and make it comfortable to wear. If you ever had a Klipsh X10 then know that this Hifiman IEM is mimicking it on every point. I found the double-flanged tips to be my favorite ones but I’m pretty sure most users will prefer the foam tips.

The cable can transmit a lot of microphonics so beware of what you’re going to wear, the non-replaceable cables are known for this, the soldered cable leaving no margin here. Apart for this, there is not much to say : the RE-800 is a really comfy IEM that will suit 99% of the people out there.

The RE-2000 otherwise is a big piece of work, like your usual IEM, but wider. It really feels like Hifiman intended to make an earphone that stands out of the crowd and once fitted, the RE-2000 will be very noticeable. I have large ears so I could fit the IEM but my girlfriend had a hard-time with it, the small nozzle combined with the large body doesn’t make it easy to fit.

I didn’t have the microphonics issue this time so you can concentrate on your music. All in all, I’m not very fond of the RE-2000’s body, comfort wise, if I had to choose on this only, I’d stick with the RE-800.

Everyday carry

Once you have he right tips fitted, the Hifiman RE-800 Silver does a great job at blocking outside noise. On some frequencies, I found them even better than my usual CIEM, but that’s if you use the right tips.

On a basic everyday use, the Hifiman RE-800 are a bliss to use : with a plug and unplug you don’t need to put the cable over your ear and the comfort is top-notch. The lack of a microphone could be an issue for some users who like to make calls with their IEM, but if you use a DAP that will never bother you.

The Hifiman RE-2000 isn’t as good in terms of isolation. Maybe because the IEM isn’t entering the canal deep enough to provide the best noise-block. On a daily basis, it should suit most needs unless you live/work in a very noisy environment, but in that case you should not wear IEMs but noise blockers directly.

Once fitted, there is not much to complain about, the RE-2000 act like every IEM. Just make sure you use the right tips or you may end up with no bass at all.


For the nit-pickers and nerdy ones here, I’m giving the specs and technical sheets. For all the others, you can just go to the next page to see how the IEM performs.

Topology Diaphragm

Each IEM, be it the Hifiman RE-800 and Hifiman RE-2000 use a dynamic driver with a Topology Diaphragm. Simply put, this technology allows Hifiman to greatly reduce the distortions that occur with dynamic drivers by applying a special coating on the diaphragm. 

An image is worth a thousand words, so here is the image :

That being said, the dynamic drivers share the same 9.2mm size and both IEMs have the same impedance (60 ohms). Sensitivity is a bit higher on the RE-800 Silver (105dB) compared to the RE-2000 (103dB).

Full specs

Hifiman RE-800

  • Type : In-Ear Monitor
  • Transducer : Dynamic Driver
  • Driver Size : 9.2mm with Topology Diaphragm
  • Cable : non removable
  • Type : Silver coated, crystalline copper wire
  • Plug : 3.5mm jack plug unbalanced
  • Frequency Response : 5Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance : 60 ohms
  • Sensitivity : 105dB
  • Weight : 14.5g
  • MRSP : 599€

Hifiman RE-2000

  • Type : In-Ear Monitor
  • Transducer : Dynamic Driver
  • Driver Size : 9.2mm with Topology Diaphragm
  • Cable : removable, 2-pin
  • Type : Silver coated, crystalline copper wire
  • Plug : 3.5mm jack plug unbalanced
  • Frequency Response : 5Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance : 60 ohms
  • Sensitivity : 103dB
  • Weight : 24.05g
  • MRSP : 1500€

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