Review: Jomo Audio Haka – Golden

Disclaimer: The Jomo Haka was sent to us free of charge by Jomo Audio in exchange for this review. Jomo Audio is not related to Headfonia in any way.


Jomo Audio

We’ve covered Jomo Audio on several occasions now, and we featured the following of their monitors: Jomo 5, Jomo 6R, Samba, PLB and Flamenco.

That also means that most of our readers most likely already know Jomo Audio And Joseph, but for those who don’t yet, here’s a quick intro:

Jomo Audio was founded in Singapore by a broadcast engineer who has first-hand experience to the video and audio content creation in studio, live mixing and post-production every day. The Jomo series IEMs were designed to recreate the exact form of music recorded in the studio. The founder (Joseph Mou, hence the JoMo brand name) was highly inspired by the Japanese craftsmanship and spent months on research and experimenting in order to deliver the finest IEM for musicians, worship groups and audiophiles. (cfr their Bio).

Next to making customs, Jomo Audio also makes universal IEMs, sells hearing protection, IEM drying devices, custom inear sleeves, accessories and Linum and Effect Audio

The Haka

Jomo’s latest monitor, the HAKA, is available in both universal as well as in custom form. In this review we will be covering the custom version of this IEM. The differences in sound between both versions exist as they always do, but they of course are not night and day different. The Haka according to Wikipedia, as most of you will know, is a traditional war cry, war dance, or challenge in Māori culture. I don’t immediately see how this relates to the new Jomo IEM, but it’s an easy name to remember.

When Joseph and I were talking about reviewing it on Headfonia, he told me the goal of the Haka is to produce a good, engaging sound, by going back to basics. The Haka features a single Balance Armature driver and that means: no crossover, no phase cancellation and just powerful and coherent pure sound.

On Jomo Audio’s website we also literally find the following statement: Working closely with well-known Balanced Armature technology supplier, we were not satisfied with what they can provide off the shelf. We went one step further, to design new Balanced Armature driver with our own specification. Brainstorm and discussion meeting with the engineers, samples were made and tested over and over again. Multiple rounds of pre-production demo and peer critique with industry insiders. Haka is the result and answer of our hardworking.

So that’s one, specially designed driver for both the universal as well as the custom Haka. And it has the following specs:

Custom version

Single Proprietary Precision Balanced Armature Drivers

NO crossover

FR: 20Hz – 20kHz

Sensitivity: 107dB

Impedance: 18 ohms @ 1K Hz

Noise Isolation: 26dB +/- 3dB(Custom Version)

Free Solid Color shell color.

Artwork limited to none transparent color(s) only.

Universal version

Single Proprietary Precision Balanced Armature Drivers

NO crossover

3D printed ergonomic semi-custom shell design

FR: 20Hz – 20kHz

Sensitivity: 107dB

Impedance: 18 ohms @ 1K Hz

Solid Brass nozzle

Artwork limited to black color only.



In contrary to a normal review I will use the same breakdown as I always do for my Custom Inear reviews:

  1. Build quality & Comfort
  2. Personalisation
  3. Cable
  4. Price & Accessories
  5. Customer Service
  6. Sound
  7. Competitors/Comparisons
  8. Driveability & Sources

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