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Exo-Series T-Metal

Many moons have passed since I got my first PlusSound cable, and I have enjoyed my time with it a lot, but I also noted that it isn‘t a go-to cable for every C/IEM in my inventory. It was very well suited for the Kaiser Encore or W900, but not as much for the Katana or A18. These two have still been mostly used with Leonidas or labkable‘s Samurai III.

PlusSound in the meantime has reached out for the possibility to also review one of their other cables, gladly I accepted. We didn‘t really set on a specific cable, just on the termination, so when I received my second set of PlusSound‘s I was very impressed to see that the incredible portability and ergonomics have also found its way into a four wired hybrid cable. The T-Metal comes with three kinds of conductors. One silver, one gold plated silver and one gold plated copper. This is a very unique and interesting mixture of materials, especially when you take the key-sound of each type into account. Silver is the most conductive material around and is said to be very detailed and precise, copper is supposed to be warmer while gold is, as we read in one of the previous passages, smoother. So in theory this cable should be smooth, detailed and precise.

Before we go into sound I‘d like to take a look at build quality and package again.

Just like X, Exo came in a sturdy and secure box that closes with magnets. The inlay again was kept foam and the only accessories were the manual and the amplifier strap band.
The build quality is excellent. It again is a very flexible and unmicrofonic cable. What I was really suprised with though is the Y-split. When I first saw it I feared it will be too heavy to use the cable comfortably. Nothing could be more wrong. Though it is big in size it is also lightweight, even with the additional metal chin-slider. My split came in rose-gold and the slider in silver color, giving the entire cable an additional look-boost. Another thing that surprised me in a good way was that PlusSound again isn‘t using either memory wire or preformed heatshrink to bend their cables to hook around the ears, and I really didn‘t think that the two wires per side would be so comfortable again. Sure they are not as comfy as the single wired X, but it is the most comfortable four-wire in my possession. PlusSound really has achieved a new comfort level.
Like X, Exo is also 26AWG in size and comes in about 1.2m length. The type 6 Litz T-Metal version of Exo will set you back 449$.

Sound-wise the T-Metal is a natural cable, with excellent top and bottom end extension. The level of layering and details of it are outstanding, especially for its price-point. Treble did receive some more sparkle and shimmer while also getting a little warmer at the same time. Micro-detailing and rendering are both very good. Sound stage does stretch a notch further into width and depth. Bass is more in control with superb texture and drive. Vocals have a slight holography breathen into them.

The best match I could find so far for my T-Metal definitely is the A18. It transforms the 64 Audio into a beast, with incredible resolution, a stage as big as it gets, wonderful airy treble with insane extension and precision. When I first hooked it up to the A18 I couldn‘t listen to anything else for a week. It simply got addictive.


While aftermarket cables are still a very hot topic for all audiophiles around the globe, and some are still argueing the benefits of them, I think it is more mandatory to try a cable with multiple iems to distinguish its true value. I don‘t think there is one cable to rule them all. I at least have yet to find it. But PlusSound has created two very nice cable-solutions which I can definitely see fitting on many of the in ears in my arsenal.

If you‘re in for the most comfortable and flexible cable, with scotch like smoothness and splendid transparency, aim for the X-series‘ gold plated copper version.

If you however want some added top and bottom extension, with an organic and high resolution sound, you might find yourself looking for the Exo series‘ T-Metal.

Both cables offer a wonderful upgrade in sound and impressive build quality and comfort.

Whatever you are after, I am sure PlusSound has something in their repertoire for you, with all the choices and different materials they have to offer, they might just be the most flexible cable company out there!

Black Friday is approaching very fast and PlusSound already asked us to inform you all to keep your eyes open for very nice deals! So if you want to snatch some products with already high price performance ratio at an even better price you know where to go.

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  • Reply July 11, 2018


    How would you compare the X cable with ALO’s Litz cables?

    • Reply July 11, 2018


      Hi Jonathan,

      I can’t really say much about the Litz cables. The last time I’ve used them was a long while ago (it’s attached to my Vega which I never use), but I strongly prefer the X series (please keep in mind, there’s a lot of different versions of it) due to the superior comfort. I don’t notice the X cables at all.

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