Review: RHA MA750 Wireless – Unencumbered for the people

Disclaimer: RHA graciously supplied the RHA MA750 for the purposes of this review. I paid nothing for it. It does Bluetooth, sports a single driver, and its yoke bends and loops like a Nakamura free kick. It goes for about 149$. You can find out all about it here: MA750 Wireless Bluetooth® in-ear headphone.


Not sound

It’s hard for me to believe that the MA750 isn’t my favourite earphone of 2017. It should be. Like their wireless RHA MA650, its yoke is the comfiest and supple-est out there. And, like the MA650, the MHA750 sounds like a million bucks. Its wireless signal is rock solid, keeping connection like the Dickens, way, way down the block, and even in crazily crowded audiophile conventions. I count 36 paces between my phone and the MA750. Long and strong for the win.

Its advantages over the MA650 are several, but hard to pen. In my last essay I didn’t get into why the MA650’s shape, which cleaves closely to the MA350’s basic horn shape, is also a curse. The praise is that that shape is proven to sound glorious. The curse is that it’s a bit awkward and not that secure in the ear. Sure, you can batten it down with ear hooks and your favourite ear tips, but in order to keep safe in the ear, they really need a hooked, over-the-ear cable where everything from exit angles to memory wire are built for security.

The last sentence indicts me. Headfonians know that I truly dislike memory wire. What they may not know is that few to no memory wires are as flexible and no-nonsense as the MA750’s. It is less wire than it is heat shrink, meaning that it retains its shape no matter how or where you distort it, and at next to no cost in comfort. It also means that it abides very little touch noise. Best of all, it means that it won’t stick awkwardly against glasses frames. Finally, its exit angle and subsequent pull naturally cleave to, rather than away from, the skull. Unless you treat them as a surgeon does an open brain, most memory wires bugger off past the ear and piss off anywhere they damn well like. So bravo to RHA. I don’t like memory wire. But your memory wire is brilliant.

And just like in the MA650 you nailed branding. And wear comfort. Of course, if you factor in the above praise, the 750 absolutely trumps the 650’s wear comfort and security. And both connect like the Dickens. Since both use the same or a similar microphones, everything from calling Siri functionality (only to get unintelligible gibberish in return) to making calls works also like the Dickens. They also come with the same accessory set. I’ve opted not to shoot that set, so head over to the MA650 review to see what comes with it.

Unfortunately, part of that accessory set is the sheddy tote bag. How RHA, who nailed tip selection, branding, build quality, connection, yoke ergonomics, and sound, managed to ship both earphones with one of the worst carrying pouches this side of a 25 cent recycled shopping bag bugs me. Use it only if you want plastic cilia all over your fingers, and inside your ears. Thanks to magnetic backs, the earphones slide right in. But be sure to slide them into a different bag.

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  • Reply December 14, 2017


    Still can’t bring myself to like bluetooth over wired or RS for music or home theatre. I can hear the range limitations in Bluetooth, and it bugs me. For calls, no problem.

  • Reply December 15, 2017

    dale thorn

    There’s a higher quality Bluetooth spec now, called AptX-HD or whatever, for at least 48 khz CD bandwidth. Whether it will satisfy users might depend more on other things like interference (when using a cellphone player, etc.) or driver availability.

  • Reply December 15, 2017


    So if not this, what is your favorite earphone of 2017? 😉

  • Reply June 6, 2018


    Did you have the chance to compare these to the wired version? I’ve been reading reviews but I haven’t seen one that did comparisons. I love my 750 wired and I’m looking to comparing them myself but the wireless ones are not available in my place. Would appreciate it you could share your insight! Thanks!

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