Review: Shozy & AAW POLA39

Shozy Pola 39

Vs Elysium


Vision Ears’ Elysium also is a hybrid monitor but the Elysium has a different configuration. The Elysium is a four-driver monitor and it uses 1 balanced armature driver for bass, 1 dynamic driver for the mids and a double electrostat driver for the highs. Normally in hybrid monitors, companies use a dynamic driver for the bass section – as POLA39 does – but the Elysium does it the other way round. The Elysium sells for €2900 Euro, so 3 times the POLA39.

Sound-wise the Elysium and the POLA39 are simular and at the same time they’re different. With the POLA39, Vision Ears has a serious contender on their hands. When driven in Single Ended mode (how it is delivered with its special cable) the POLA39 has a signature which is pretty close to that of the Elysium. The difference? The Elysium does everything better and then there’s the extra bit of body and pass hump. Of course the POLA39 doesn’t have the balanced armature driver and only a single dynamic driver is doing bass and mids, but boy it does it wonderfully so. Again, these are very similar, but the Elysium is that bit better, more defined/expressed and more special. And let’s be honest, for the price it should be as well. But the POLA39 at a much lower price, will please a lot more ears.


The Cayin N6II has one technically strong motherboard (T01) and one which is more fuller, impactful sounding (A01). With the POLA39 it depends how you want the POLA39 to sound most and for me it’s the best with the T01, as you get the best clarity, precision, speed and detail. To me all points where the 39 excels in. For my ears I feel the A01 is holding the 39 back as it’s a technically strong IEM. I do look forward to how POLA39 will sound with the just announced E01 motherboard. We’ll keep you posted.

The Lotoo PAW 6000 probably is my favorite unit of the year and every IEM sounds excellent with it, and so does the POLA39. You get a full-bodied, dynamic and very musical sound, with good speed, excellent detail retrieval and a timbre to die for.

The PAW 6000 manages to make almost everything sound musical but without neglecting the technical strength of the IEM, and thus you end up with the best of both worlds. POLA39 delivers good impact, has a good sound stage width and depth and great decay. For some the treble extension and energy might be a bit “light” in this combo, but it’s not that it’s lacking. POLA39 and the PAW 6000 just have great synergy.

With Astell&Kern’s SP1000 you get an even faster but a little lighter presentation. The SP1000 and POLA39 combo doesn’t have the body and impact it has with the PAW. In return you get a faster, more precise and more energetic sound from top to bottom. The precision of the SP1000 simply is better than that of the PAW 6000 and it at the same time still manages to be musical.

Shozy Pola 39

If you prefer detail, speed and precision over a fuller, smoother and softer sound, then the SP1000 is the DAP for you in regards to POLA39. Both sound great and musical in their own way and I simply use them at different times. At night when I’m tired I prefer the more relaxed presentation of the 39 and PAW combo, while I during the day, when I want to hear the best possible technical sound, prefer the AK and 39 setup.

At work I very often end up using the Chord Mojo because of its size and overall excellent performance, I think we almost all agree that the Mojo is an excellent unit and a very strong technical performer. At the same time it to me doesn’t always manage to be as musical (as Hugo/Hugo2) in example and with the POLA39 it’s one of those times. The POLA39 and Mojo combo doesn’t sound bad, and if you dig technicalities you will be pleasantly surprised, but he thing I am missing in this combo is the musicality.


Hybrids with Electrostat drivers are hot right now but not everyone gets it right. Shozy and AAW however did, and how!

POLA39 gives you a fresh, very clean and energetic sound without ever becoming harsh or analytical. Shozy’s POLA39 is the ideal marriage between technicalities and musicality and I fully recommend it to everyone who appreciates technicalities but still wants to enjoy their tunes at the fullest.

To me the POLA39 isn’t as good as the Elysium (which for me is the best ES Hybrid on the market) but it isn’t far away from reaching the same performance for only a fraction of the price. A baby Elysium so to speak, and I mean that in the most positive way I can.

It is very easy for me to put the POLA39 on our list of recommended buys, so to the best IEM/CIEM list it goes.

Well done!

4.5/5 - (30 votes)

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    I’ve heard these, I don’t understand all these superlatives from the author, to me they sounded extremely dark and muddled. Nice midrange but the treble was so understated it was distracting.

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