Review: Whizzer A15 – sonic boom!

Disclaimer: Whizzer sent me the A15 via e-earphone, free of charge, in exchange for this review. The A15 is a single driver earphone that goes for 70$. 70$. 70$. You can find out all about it here: Whizzer A15 Dynamic Driver HiFi in-Ear Earphones with MMCX Detachable Cable.

Initially the only WH-starting word I knew was Wheezer. I’ve followed Wheezer since their first album, and whose albums I later scrutinised as a twenty something burning high on critical theory. Dissecting hidden meanings that even Wheezer weren’t aware of was cool. And today I found out that Wheezer is spelled Weezer. I’m such a poseur.

Not sound

No matter the age, being a poseur isn’t cool. I just turned 38. I didn’t get 38 DMs, but I got a bunch requesting me to check out the A15. Yep, I’m 38 and I learned through twitter about Whizzer, about their fighter plane-sounding A15. Gosh, it’s made kind of like a fighter plane, too. Except that magnets fasten to its hull. They do not to Duralumin aka aircraft aluminium. As I went on about on Sunday, the A15 blows my mind. 70$ and made as well as Ultrasone’s IQ, and finished better than a number of other high-end earphones.

If the A15 doesn’t revolutionise the earphone industry I don’t know what will. I’ve not held an earphone so well constructed and outfitted for 70$, not to mention way up the price ladder. Who in their right mind would spend that or more for something pitifully constructed?

Even the housing’s protective coating looks good for the long haul. Meanwhile, my 700$ Ultrasone IQ is eating itself in a bubbly and corrosive feast. Beyond that, it’s no better made than this bad boy.

I fully admit that I dislike the A15’s thick, glasses-prising cable. It’s elongated elbows get jut out too much and get in the way, specs or no. It also makes a bit of noise, flips back and forth on its stopless-mount, and generally bugs the hell out of me. The bit between the y-split and the crazy memory wire feels hollow and isn’t well insulated against cuts and harsh bends. Otherwise it’s made really well. It’s got a cheaply but goodly relieved plug that somehow works with slimline cases. It’s the first fly in the A15’s ointment.

The other is the A15’s mounting flange. It’s slim and strong, but it can’t hold onto its stock foams. They come off in the ear, or slip down the earphone till they’re stuck against its chassis. Even at 70$ this is a bit too much.

The A15 also comes with a pair of tweezers, which instal and remove foolproof foam filter plugs. Under the bonnet is a faux leather carrying case and above that in a precise metal tray are nine sets of ear pads, two sets of which are the slippy foams I mentioned above. A well designed and laid out box bolds up the Whizzer W branding like a boss. Inside the parts fit Lexus-well and whose parts fit well. 70$. 70$. 70$.

The A15 is Whizzer’s full salvo fired across the bow of every earphone company at every price point out there.

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  • Reply June 13, 2018


    Great review. I finally decided to pick these up after a year of thinking about it for the bargain price of £39 and they’re superb for the money.

    I’d say they’re easily on a par with the RHA t20s at about a quarter the cost, but with the added benefit of having removable cables (and very nice custom ones at that!).

    I definitely noticed a much brighter and more detailed top end with the foam filters taken out, a little too much for my liking so I kept them in.

    My only slight criticism is lack of oomph in the really low sub bass area. Its fine for most music, but I mainly listen to electro soul and DnB and it’s just lacking in those big deep rollers. I’m burning in as we speak so we’ll see if that makes any difference.

    Either way though for less than 40 quid I’m massively blown away by these.

    So much so I might actually buy a second pair incase anything happens to these as I love them that much and have my Beyer HD 770s for home when I want some of that filthy low buttery bass!

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