Shanling M8 First Look – Video

Today we’re sharing with you the initial impression videos about the Shanling M8, the brand’s new flagship DAP.


Disclaimer: Shanling M8 was sent us directly from Shanling. Big thanks to Shanling and the people who helped me to get this player after many problems with shipping and customs. 

Here are 3 quick videos I shot about the new Shanling M8. These were shot weeks ago but we only had the time now to publish them.

P.S: Sorry about the “W” pronunciation. These are not meant to be “YouTuber” or professional videos. 

Part 1 – Opening the box and impressions about the overall experience, build, and software:

Part 2 – How to change the headphone sockets:

Part 3 – First impressions of the sound quality:

Thank you for watching!

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  • Reply January 21, 2021


    Shanling make good products. I had the m6 and the m2x.
    My only concern about the m8 is the interchangeable sockets.
    It seem to be an innovation but for me is an unusefull feature if i have headfones with more than one connector or if I like to connect it to a 3.5 jack in the car or an stereo receiver. I can’t imaging if someone lost one socket!!! And other thing that shanling fails is in their app because you cannot use it with gapless option. I hope they had corrected this. It’s not a big deal but is a basic feature.
    Probably it sound great but i would’t buy it. For that price i will go for the hiby r8.

    • Reply January 22, 2021


      I’m sure Shanling can provide additional sockets for that case.

      Gapless feature should be added I agree with you there.

      It certainly sounds great.

  • Reply January 26, 2021


    This or Hiby r8?

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